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Midwest Foundation Repair Case Studies: Concrete Leveling in Des Moines, IA

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018 by Taylor McGoldrick


We had a customer that called us with unleveled concrete in front of the house. It was by the stairwell where their kids would be playing basketball and playing outside with their friends. They were concerned that one of their children or friends would trip over the crack and unlevel concrete. 

They called Midwest Basement Systems right away when they noticed it and asked for one of our System Design Specialists to come out and give her a quote at no cost to them.


When our System Design Specialist came out and inspected what was going on, he gave a detailed report to the home owners. He described what we could do and the process of it. He explained that we would do something called Polylevel which levels the concrete. He also told them we could seal the cracks which is called Nexus Pro. They were very impressed what we could do so they scheduled the work to get it done as soon as it was nice outside. 

Our foreman, Travis, went out and fixed the problem. The homeowners were very pleased with what was going on during the whole process and the turnout of the whole thing. They were impressed with how it looked after he was completely done. 

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