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Midwest Foundation Repair Case Studies: Des Moines Homeowner Wanted a Dry Basement for Her Grandchildren

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021 by Jay Liebenguth


Michelle moved to Des Moines from Dublin, Georgia to be closer to family. She bought an older home and thought that the basement had a bit of dungeon-y feel, complete with that musty and mildew odor. She noticed that when it rained, water would come down the corners into the basement and seemed to be coming up through the concrete floor. When she had first purchased the home, she was amazed by all the wooden shelves for storage. Later, she determined that they were just trying to keep the stuff from getting wet on the floor.


Michelle wanted to create a safe space free of moisture. “I wanted to create a family-friendly downstairs area, play space for grandchildren,” Michelle said. She wanted this to be finished as soon as possible to open more possibilities for using the basement for entertaining and safe storage. She did not feel comfortable doing the work herself due to age and decided to call Midwest Foundation Repair.


System Design Specialist Tyler Dopheide worked with Michelle to determine what was needed to convert her basement into something that she could live with. She was comfortable with Tyler’s presentation and after many questions, she agreed to move forward with the repair. “I was so impressed with Tyler who was so patient with all my questions,” Michelle said.

We were able to provide a complete waterproofing solution for Michelle’s home including WaterGuard and CleanSpace along the area that she was experiencing her water issues. Those systems were channeled to a TripleSafe sump pump. The water issue has been completely contained.

This project stands out because Michelle was a customer that felt the first crew rushed through the job and she did not feel she got the experience she saw in our videos. General Manager, Eric Love heard about the experience and the fact that Michelle didn’t feel 100% satisfied, he jumped in to see what could be done to help her. Eric said, “I want every customer to feel that we are different and that we are who we say we are. I wanted to turn this situation around for Michelle and improve her opinion of our company.” While the project was installed correctly, it looked to the customer like we rushed it to get on to the next project. The customer was very detailed and wanted the job done correctly. We fixed the work and made sure Michelle was 100% satisfied with what we did.

Eric added, “I felt really strongly about fixing this with Michelle because she bought this house while she was living out of state. It was obvious to me that Michelle had some things that needed attention to make her home safe. Michelle's story about her Grandfather being a conductor and wanting to transform the area into a mini depot for her future grandchildren to play in hit home with me because I remember that there was nothing better than playing in the basement with the cousins at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house.”

Michelle was surprised that the GM came out to address her issues. “I was so pleased that Eric cared. It shows me that you Midwest fully backs their product and you stand behind wanting the customer to be totally satisfied with the project.’

Eric wanted Michelle to feel supported as she looked at the next phase of her life as a grandparent. “Michelle was concerned it was like a dungeon and nobody would want to play downstairs she did not even want to go downstairs herself.” Michelle wanted the project to be completed to utilize space since it is at a premium.

“I wanted Michelle's experience to be everything she thought she was getting and more. I noticed that Michelle was getting taken advantage of by the person that owned the home prior. A support beam that was going across the space, did not meet code. I wanted to do something nice for her and replaced that support beam with Smart Jacks and a proper support system,” Eric said.

Michelle was extremely happy with our products and the result. On her Midwest experience she said, “I'm very pleased with how everyone was so helpful. They went above and beyond my expectations. I really like the information book that was sent to me. I enjoyed it so much. It explains the importance and the background of basement waterproofing in a way that a layman could understand it. I was so impressed with it I gave it to my daughter and son-in-law because they own an older house as well.” 

“I still haven't finished all my decorating. The living space of my house has increased by one-third. Now I look forward to having people over,” Michelle said.

If you have water issue in your basement that need a permanent repair, call Midwest Foundation Repair. We have more than 25 years of experience, turning wet basements into dry ones. Call today for a free inspection at 515-289-1606 or fill out the form, here. We promise to give you an experience so good, you’ll want to give us a 5-Star review.

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