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Todd King

Midwest Foundation Repair

Title: System Design Specialist

Hometown: Corning, IA

Todd King from Midwest Foundation Repair

Todd brings to Midwest experience in account management and sales. Originally from Corning, IA he now lives in Des Moines IA with his wife and two sons. In Todd’s free time he enjoys coaching youth baseball and football. He likes to cheer on the Chicago Cubs and Pittsburg Steelers.

At Midwest, we work every day to deliver a wow experience and challenge the status quo. One way we do that is by walking alongside the best in the industry. In Todd’s words, “I choose to work at Midwest because of the opportunity to learn something new.” We’re thrilled to have Todd as part of the Midwest team as we work to redefine our industry.

Customer Reviews
About Me
  • By Kimberly P.
    Johnston, IA

    Customer Review

    By Kimberly P.
    Johnston, IA

Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Concrete Repair in Cedar Falls, IA
    Concrete Repair in Cedar Falls, IA

    Concrete Repair in Cedar Falls, IA

    Kyle kept tripping on his walkway and driveway. Plus running a snowplow over settled concrete was the worst. So he contacted Midwest and liked our solution. Todd King, our System Design Specialist, went out to Kyle's home to see how we could help. 

    A few of Kyle's slabs had a lot of voids underneath the concrete, which is what made them sink. His sidewalk was also experiencing settled slabs due to the soil around it. 

    To fix this, we used our Concrete Protection System 3. This involves lifting the areas that had fallen with PolyLevel, sealing all the joints and cracks with NexusPro, and then we applied SealantPro to the entire area to prolong the concrete's life and keep water and chemicals from penetrating the concrete.

    Kyle was so happy with the final result and best of all, no more tripping hazards!

  • Concrete Step Leveled in Des Moines, IA
    Concrete Step Leveled in Des Moines, IA

    Concrete Step Leveled in Des Moines, IA

    Homeowner Connie T. noticed that her front step had dropped and had become a trip hazard. Concerned that this would become a big hazard and impact other areas of the concrete, she wanted to find a long-term solution that would last. After seeing one of our commercial, she decided to give us a call.

    System Design Specialist Todd King went out to Connie’s home. He was able to identify that the front step done dropped a significant level and recommended using PolyLevel to fix the steps. The crew injected the concrete with PolyLevel raising the step back up the original height. Connie was extremely pleased that the step was no longer a trip hazard.

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