Why Should I Fix my Sinking or Unlevel Slab?

Why should you fix the sinking slab in your driveway or sidewalk? If you have a sinking slab more than likely it will just get worse. Once a slab is cracked and sinking, it simply won't get better with time. In fact, it only gets worse and if you wait to fix it, it will be more expensive. If you want to go sell your house the resale value will go down. Nobody wants to buy a house with an unlevel driveway, a stoop pulling away from the house, or floors that are cracked and sinking. 

Would you want to fix the sinking slab if it brought your appearance of your house down? Concrete that is our of level can often cause ugly cracks not only in the slab itself, but also in any structure that is resting on top of that slab. That means cracks in brick, drywall, plaster, or any other material the structure is made from. 

Another great reason to fix your sinking slab is safety. Everybody has walked down the sidewalk or up a driveway and tripped over a piece of concrete that is up further than another piece of concrete. Cracks in a piece of concrete slab allows elements from the outside, inside. Cracks let water in, or at the very least moisture, which can damage your living space ina variety of ways.

As concrete cracks and settles, it creates a perfect environment for water to pool and what happens to that pooled water when it becomes cold outside? That's right, ice forms, causing more safety concerns. As a concrete slab begins to crack and settle, the structure above will crack and settle as well. This can cause doors to stick, windows to bind, and other structural damages throughout your home. 

Now that you have decided to fix that sinking slab, there is a process that we have. It is called Polylevel. Polylevel is a state of the art approach to repairing sinking concrete. Polylevel is not mud jacking, it takes the original concept of mudjacking but its a combination of modern technology. Instead of using a mixture of concrete and mud, this method utilizes high-density polymers to raise slabs back to desired level. This is done by drilling a small hole in the slab and then specially designed equipment is used to inject polymers into the void. After the void is filled, the expansion of the polyurethane allows for a precise lift and stabilization of the slab.

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