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Tuesday, June 29th, 2021 by Harrison Hallowell

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Foundation repair- it sounds invasive and expensive, right? It sounds overwhelming. Well, it doesn't have to be any of these things because you've landed in the right place and we have solutions. At Midwest Foundation Repair, we're experts in all types of foundation repair in the Des Moines, IA area, 'foundation repair' just so happens to be in our name. We take it very seriously and helping you identify your foundation problem before it becomes too severe is our bread and butter.

How Do Foundation Issues Occur?

Damage to your foundation can happen for a variety of reasons, but it’s not typically what people often think. It’s easiest to blame it on the actual construction of the foundation, but it all depends on the soil surrounding your home. Foundations can begin to fail or fall apart when they start settling into the looser soil that was excavated for the construction of the home. In our industry, we call this backfill. The density of the soil becomes compromised, and it loses its watertight properties it once had after decades of development. When moisture integrates within the backfilled soil, it starts to expand and apply constant pressure to the foundation walls. Another fancy term for this is “hydrostatic pressure” and it can cause significant damage to your home. This is frequently an unfamiliar cause amongst homeowners, but no need to fear – we exceed in identifying these soil issues, developing a customized permanent solution, and ready to stop your foundation issues anywhere in the Des Moines, Iowa area.

Foundation CrackWall CrackNow, spotting signs of foundation settlement can be as obvious as a large crack down the middle of the foundation wall, or it could be as unnoticeable as a door getting stuck from time-to-time. Cracks in the floor, uneven floors, cracks in the concrete walls or drywall, bowing walls, water seeping in through the walls, and sticky windows and doors are all signs of foundation settlement, and it could be causing severe damage to your home. More crucially, it’s effecting your home’s appearance, value, and your safety. Regardless of the issue, we are experts in foundation repair in Des Moines, Iowa and there’s nothing we haven’t seen or a solution we can’t provide.

Foundation Piering

To stabilize and lift a settling foundation, we utilize a variety of foundation piering systems that are custom designed to your home. Constructed from galvanized steel, they are resistant to corrosion and built to stand the test of time. The foundation piers we specialize in are helical, push, and slab, and are all designed to perform a different task. They have been engineered by our friends at Supportworks to make sure the installation is efficient with little excavation – designed with the homeowner in mind.

Wall Repair Systems

PowerBraceFor wall repair, we also use a variety of solutions to fit your homes specific needs and restore the walls to a safe and stable state. Mild foundation problems could be repaired with noninvasive products like our CarbonArmor or PowerBrace support systems that don’t involve any exterior excavation. These solutions stabilize any walls that are bowing, buckling, or tilting inwards in their current place, and can even straight them over time. For more severe foundation problems, we use products like GeoLock wall anchors and WallDefense brackets. GeoLock wall anchors require some excavation of the exterior soil, but they’re designed to pull bowing walls back to their original position by anchoring into stronger soils. Lastly, EverBrace is our most recent product that permanently stabilizes the worst failing foundation walls and is the ultimate protector against any structural damage in the future. If you’re worried about what the appearance of these products looks like from the inside – we get it. These products were designed to have minimal impact on basement finishing. CarbonArmor and PowerBrace only extrude slightly from the walls, and EverBrace can be drywalled over and customized to fit around any doors, windows, or other structural components. GeoLock wall anchors have a Hide-A-Way cover option available to easily conceal their brackets.

We have a multitude of solutions, so we understand if it’s overwhelming. That’s why we offer free inspections because foundation problems can be difficult to spot, and it’s always best to have a professional analyze the issue to ease your concerns. We are foundation experts at Midwest Foundation Repair in the Des Moines, Iowa area and we’re dedicated to providing a permanent solution to restore your peace of mind. When you’re ready to fix your home, we’ll be here to help.

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