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If your basement windows are old, ugly, and drafty, they probably cost you more money than you think. Poorly built basement windows and window wells will not protect your basement from the elements. Instead, they allow excess moisture, humidity, and cold drafts to enter your basement, along with ants, termites, and other pests.

Upgrading your basic basement window to an egress window will not only protect your home from common basement window problems but completely transform your space. In addition to satisfying new building code requirements for an emergency escape route from your basement, egress windows allow for more natural light and fresh air, making your space feel larger and more comfortable.

While there are many types of egress windows and window wells to choose from, it's crucial to select an option that combines the right balance of durability, safety, and cost. Midwest Foundation Repair offers reliable, cost-effective egress windows, window wells, window well drainage systems, and basement waterproofing solutions throughout Greater Des Moines.

Our Egress Window Solutions

Egress window installed

Egress Window Installation

Our egress windows and window wells offer an attractive, code-compliant alternative to old-fashioned basement windows.

Interior waterproofing systems

Basement Waterproofing

Our interior basement waterproofing solutions include a window well drainage system to protect your home from water damage.

Why Install Egress Windows & Window Wells?

Does your basement have old, outdated windows? It may be time for an upgrade! Although egress windows are required to bring your basement up to code, there are many reasons to install egress windows. In addition to providing a safe exit in case of an emergency, basement egress windows add significant value to your home. Egress windows bring ventilation and natural light to basement living areas - two things that are often lacking in below-grade spaces.

Whether you have plans to finish your basement or simply want to upgrade your existing basement windows, investing in egress window installation is the way to go.

Benefits of Egress Windows

  • Improved safety
  • Building code-compliant
  • More natural light
  • Adds square footage
  • Increases your home value
  • Protection from mold & mildew
  • Improved style & comfort
  • Enhanced energy-efficiency

You'll love what Midwest Foundation Repair can do for your basement windows! Once our experts have installed new egress windows, window wells, and a window well drainage system in your home, you can look forward to plenty of natural light, improved aesthetic appeal, and enhanced energy efficiency for years to come!

Our Approach to Egress Windows

Old, damaged, or low-quality basement windows and window wells leave your home vulnerable to the elements, resulting in water damage, drafts, high utility bills, and more. By replacing your outdated basement windows with new, high-quality egress windows and window wells, you add value, comfort, and energy efficiency to your home. With over 45 years of experience, Midwest Foundation Repair has the long-lasting, energy-saving solutions you need.

  • Vinyl Basement Windows: Constructed with a durable vinyl frame, our egress windows are cost-effective and double-paned for superior energy efficiency. The code-compliant egress windows not only provide a safe exit during an emergency but improve the aesthetic appeal and comfort of your basement by allowing more natural light and fresh air to enter the space.
  • Window Wells: Our RockWell™ egress window wells are specially designed to offer the appearance of masonry and the durability of heavy-duty composite construction. The innovative one-piece design is large enough to let natural light in and strong enough to withstand extreme temperature changes, hold back the earth, and eliminate potential leaks. It also features a built-in step to provide a safe emergency exit.
  • Window Well Covers: Our durable window well covers add an extra layer of protection against leaves, twigs, and other debris that hinder proper water drainage and lead to egress window leaks. The polycarbonate cover firmly seals the window well off from outside elements while allowing natural light to pass through freely for a brighter, more inviting basement.
  • Basement Window Well Drainage System: When basement window wells fill with water, egress windows can become vulnerable to leaks. We prevent basement window leaks and flooding with our WellDuct® window well drain. The low-profile drainage channel can be installed quickly and integrates perfectly with our WaterGuard® interior drainage system for ultimate protection against basement water damage.

Homeowners looking to upgrade to egress windows in and around Des Moines turn to Midwest Foundation Repair for proven, long-lasting solutions. Let us help you make the most of your basement with our dependable egress window installation services.

Why Choose Midwest Foundation Repair for Egress Window Installation?

If you plan on cutting into foundation walls to install egress windows, it's crucial to work with a qualified, reputable company. That's where Midwest Foundation Repair comes in. We are proud to offer reliable egress window solutions to homeowners in West Des Moines, Des Moines, and nearby, including egress window installation, egress window wells, window well covers, and window well drains.

Midwest Foundation Repair is committed to helping Des Moines, West Des Moines, and Witchita homeowners achieve a safer, healthier home with proven egress window solutions. Our trusted team of experienced basement and foundation experts exceed expectations at every turn, from managing permits and code regulations to project cleanup and everything in between. We also offer some of the best warranties in the industry, including a 10-year product warranty for egress window installations and a 5-year workmanship guarantee.

Over the last 45 years, Midwest Foundation Repair has earned a reputation for excellence, receiving an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and becoming a four-time Integrity Award winner. But don't just take our word for it; see what our many satisfied customers have to say throughout Greater Des Moines!

  • What is an egress window?

    "Egress" is defined as a place or means of going out. Egress windows provide homeowners with a safe basement egress or exit during an emergency. Today's building codes require contractors to install egress windows with a ladder or steps built into the window well when finishing a basement. While building codes vary from state to state, most require egress windows to have a 5.7 square foot opening and be no more than 44 inches off the floor.

  • What's the installation process like for a basement egress system?

    Every company has its methods, but Thrasher Foundation Repair follows a proven process that allows for fast, accurate egress window solutions that protect your basement from water issues down the road.

    1. Protect basement from dust
    2. Excavate hole for window well and to install window
    3. Cut foundation to install window.
    4. Install window
    5. Install window well
    6. Backfill soil
  • Why should I install egress windows?

    Building codes now require finished basement living areas to have an emergency egress, aka, an egress window that is large enough to easily escape through during an emergency. Egress windows also improve the aesthetic appeal and comfort of the space, allowing natural light and fresh air to enter the basement.

  • What other components are there to a fully functional egress window system?

    The two most critical components of an egress system are the egress window and window well. Optional items include a separate window well drainage system and a window well cover to keep out excessive rain and debris.

  • Is egress window installation something I can do myself?

    Basement egress windows are installed below grade and require cutting into the home's foundation. Without the proper training and tools, you can put the structural integrity and basement waterproofing of your home at risk. Investing in professional basement egress window installation services is the best way to protect your basement and foundation from costly water damage and foundation problems.

  • Can you put in an egress window if no window was there prior?

    Yes, no problem at all.

  • Can you replace small basement windows with larger egress windows?

    Yes. It is similar to installing an egress window in a location where there is no window.

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