Work Requests in Cedar Falls

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Learn more about Midwest Foundation Repair's recent work requests in Cedar Falls, IA
Vicinity of Rainbow Dr. in Cedar Falls
Foundation concerns, damp basement floor
Vicinity of Grand Blvd in Cedar Falls
We have a house built in 1920 with a old basement. It frequently gets water in it with rain and snow melting.
Vicinity of Barnett Dr in Cedar Falls
I have a crack in my poured foundation wall that is leaking water. The crack has been there for some time but the water infiltration is new.
Vicinity of V Avenue in Cedar Falls
Basement was an issue this fall and want to entertain remedies to remediate and minimize the issues in the future. Thanks
Vicinity of Parrish St in Cedar Falls
My basement was installed with a "beaver system" years ago before I purchased it.Many years later from water "Not" coming out we decided to pull the baseboard cavity out and finish the walls and carpet.Big mistake! 2008 hit and we have delt with water coming in through the "weep holes"ever since.Now with every rainy season water comes from behind the walls that where built. Looking for a permanent fix with tiling to my sump pit perhaps? I'm sure my clay tile outside buried around the house foundation is plugged and collapsed in and tree roots. Looking for Ideas. Thanks
Vicinity of Rainbow Dr. in Cedar Falls
Leaky basement Clay Tile type block basement
Vicinity of Garden Ave. in Cedar Falls
Previous home owner had a small water issue in the basement. Not sure if I should have the main line cleaned or install a sump pump. I don't want to come home to a basement with water in it.
Vicinity of Briarwood Drive in Cedar Falls
My backup sump pump has stopped working and needs to be replaced.
Vicinity of WYNNEWOOD DR in Cedar Falls
We have water coming into our basement in 2 areas probably from 2 foundation cracks we have seen outside. We have the spray on waterproofing on the foundation from when it was poured, but the cracks occurred after it was applied and have also cracked the waterproofing. We found mold behind some baseboards and drywall in the finished bathroom. Our spray foam behind the walls is also absorbing all of the water leaking in.
Vicinity of Fandre Drive in Cedar Falls
Cracks in floor and water coming in along walls of foundation.
Vicinity of Theimer St in Cedar Falls
Basement is leaking from walls. This happens when it rains heavily. The sump pump had stopped, so we put in a new one. Damage to interior walls in basement.
Vicinity of Leona Ave in Cedar Falls
Have water in my basement not sure why.
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
Concete slob by house has dropped and inch and the water flows towards the house and house been leaking in basement.
Vicinity of Tucson Dr in Cedar Falls
Have cracks in block foundation allowing water to enter basement. Need options for repair. Hopefully can do it from inside and not outside.
Vicinity of Pheasant Dr in Cedar Falls
Front walkway needing raising. Also slabs into garage are severely sunk and one is breaking in the center. Probably needs to be repoured.
Vicinity of Briarwood Dr in Cedar Falls
Would like to get an estimate on raising the front concrete step of my home
Vicinity of Andover Court in Cedar Falls
We have sinking sidewalk panels including a portion of our driveway.
Vicinity of Ryan Dr in Cedar Falls
Or sump pump seems to be blocked on the outside of the house. Water is being pumped out, but it is flowing right back in to the same spot. We have watched it get to the pipe that it goes to just above ground, but it gushes out like the pipe is blocked.
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
Water is coming in to the basement, looks like it may be through the wall/floor, doesn't look to be through basement window. Need someone to check and help with an estimate since its a condo and would need to check with association for repair. Thanks, Caleb
Vicinity of Hillside Drive in Cedar Falls
Water issue in basement that needs looked at. Thank you!
Vicinity of Parker Street in Cedar Falls
Basement leaks, bowing walls.
Vicinity of Tremont Street in Cedar Falls
We have a partial dam system in our basement, but we still have water issues. Water is seeping in from the foundation walls.
Vicinity of Clark Dr. in Cedar Falls
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
This is an old house and we are getting water in the basement, it appears that there is a crack in the foundation.
Vicinity of Evergreen Lane in Cedar Falls
When it rains heavy we're starting to get water in our basement around one walls edge. I don't think there is tiling in that area. I would like to know what our options are to stop the rain water from leaking in our basement.
Vicinity of Maplewood Dr in Cedar Falls
Concrete basement has some slight water coming in from walls.
Vicinity of Victory Drive in Cedar Falls
Our sump pump outlet pipe is located in an area where the outflow runs either back toward the foundation or out to a deck/sidewalk area. We would like to discuss possible redirection solutions.
Vicinity of Marius Dr. in Cedar Falls
Back of the house has a leak under the deck I think
Vicinity of Apollo St in Cedar Falls
There's a crack on our front walkway. And also some depression in the concrete in our backyard patio.
Vicinity of Cedar Heights Dr in Cedar Falls
I have lived in my, 1949 cinder block foundation, home for one year and I don't seem to get water in most of my basement. I do have one wall that seems to be bowing inward a couple inches and does leak slightly. I am wondering what it would take/cost to repair/replace that wall and if anything else would need to be done so the basement can be finished!?!
Vicinity of Calumett Drive in Cedar Falls
We have a crack in our basement wall that has been leaking for awhile. My husband has patched it from the inside multiple times and it still leaks when we get a lot of rain, and it really needs to be patched from the outside. I also need to build up the ground around the foundation as I believe that the rain is draining all to that spot where the crack is. We do have a sump pump that is functional and does run when it rains. I am wondering how much that would cost us to have that crack fixed unfortunately, I think it is under the back door concrete steps, which is another issue.
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
Buying a home and need a foundation repair estimate.
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
We have water that leaks into the basement on the south side of the house (built in 1960). It's a ranch style house. . .no sump pump.
Vicinity of Heritage Rd in Cedar Falls
Our sump pump started making an audible beep this morning. We noticed a hole in the pump which is indicating a system failure. No water is able to drain. We need immediate help and you have no 24 hr emergency service number. Call ASAP
Vicinity of Sunset Boulevard in Cedar Falls
Have wall anchors, need an inspection. Have a porch settling at faster rate than the house. Would like inspection and estimate/advice on the porch. Thanks!
Vicinity of Knoll Ridge in Cedar Falls
Drive way settling!
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
Water comes up from cement floor basement
Vicinity of Fjord Drive in Cedar Falls
We have had foundation damage near our sump pump. We have an unusual amount of water coming from it year round and wanted someone to look at it.
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
The bottom left section of our driveway has sunk after a huge tree with roots was removed about 5 years ago. We need to get it lifted so it is even with the upper section.
Vicinity of Olive St in Cedar Falls
I'm looking to buy a house, and there are some foundation issues. There are 13+ jacks in the basement causing the floors to bow upstairs. The floor joys will probably need to be replaced or fixed. I would like someone out here within the next week.
Vicinity of Spruce Hills in Cedar Falls
We're having issues with water leaking into the basement through a foundation wall. I'd like to have someone come look at the situation and quote a fix. Thank you. Matt
Vicinity of Boxwood Drive in Cedar Falls
We have water seeping into our finished basement in several spots. Have some backyard grading issues that end up with sitting water around the back side of our house. We're trying to get someone to check the drain tile to see if it's clogged somewhere, but looking into what options are best for the long term, whether it's regrading backyard, sealing the foundation (either from inside or outside - basement is finished, would rather not re-do all framing and drywall), or something else you might recommend.
Vicinity of Abraham Drive in Cedar Falls
During heavy or steady rain, water comes in the basement floor.
Vicinity of Amelia Drive in Cedar Falls
My tenant observed a leak in the basement near the egress window. I need to someone to come & check it out.
Vicinity of South Main St in Cedar Falls
I just purchased this home and we are fixing it up. There is evidence of ongoing water seepage in one of the basement bedrooms. We would like to see what can be done about this. Thank you!
Vicinity of River Ridge Rd in Cedar Falls
Interested in information on slab floor leveling
Vicinity of Greenwood AVE in Cedar Falls
Interested in foundation repair and waterproofing.
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
I have a horizontal stair-step crack in a basement wall (cement block circa 1952). I think it's relatively new. I discovered it as I was finishing the basement this fall. I caulked it before I covered up the wall with drywall. Heard later that I should have had it looked at.
Vicinity of Spruce Hills Drive in Cedar Falls
6 ft vertical crack in foundation appears to be 1/4" towards the top and hairline toward bottom.
Vicinity of Wellinton Drive in Cedar Falls
Need to have an estimate for leveling my driveway. Has dropped 2-3 inches from garage entrance.
Vicinity of S. Main St in Cedar Falls
We have a few slabs on our driveway that are sunken. I'd like to understand how much it would cost to raise those for correct water management. Two main areas: - North side of the attached garage where a piece is sunken. - North side of the deck (back of part of the house). Also interested in possible other areas to make sure water is sloping away from the house.
Vicinity of Alameda in Cedar Falls
Moisture and dampness on walls of basement.
Vicinity of Orchard Hill Dr in Cedar Falls
Hail damage to foundation.
Vicinity of Greenwood Ave. in Cedar Falls
Bowed foundation walls and water infiltration.
Vicinity of GRAND BLVD in Cedar Falls
Researching flooring options for the living area in my basement. Tend to get a little seepage through the floor when the weather is extremely wet. Much of that has been solved through new landscaping around the house though.
Vicinity of Carey Drive in Cedar Falls
Primary sump pump had stopped working. Sounds like it's trying to pump but won't. Secondary pump is going.
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
Vicinity of W Ridgewood Dr in Cedar Falls
Need estimate on a sump pump
Vicinity of Calumett Drive in Cedar Falls
We have a small leak after rain coming in under baseboard.
Vicinity of River Ridge Rd in Cedar Falls
I have a finished basement and there is a crack in the slab that I would like to see if it can be raised so that it is level. The basement also gets humid in the summer. General inspection.
Vicinity of MINNETONKA DR in Cedar Falls
Hello- I have a water drainage problem in which water drains off of a brick paver patio against the exterior wall of my walkout basement. I would like an opinion and quote on installing a drainage system along the exterior wall, as well as installing a drop inlet drain to catch excessive runoff. Ideally, the gutters would be tied into the same drainage system as the drop inlet. Please let me know when you would be able to schedule a visit. Thanks. Dan
Vicinity of Starbeck Circle in Cedar Falls
Have water leaking into basement along foundation wall. Have never had water leak in before.
Vicinity of Iowa Street in Cedar Falls
Foundation Walls are bowing in, some bracing has already been placed. More is needed along two foundation walls. Roughly 7 I-beams are expected to be needed
Vicinity of Olive St in Cedar Falls
I'd like to get a quote for installing a sump pump. Anytime in the next 4 weeks is fine; I am flexible. Thanks.
Vicinity of Greenwood Ave in Cedar Falls
We have a small amount of water that comes in about 8 hours after it rains. this appears to come from the wall and floor joint. We do not ahve a sump pump.
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
Water leaking into southwest office. Moisture in drywall.
Vicinity of Laurel Circle in Cedar Falls
Front steps have sunk
Vicinity of Parkway Ave in Cedar Falls
I'd like to get a quote for concrete lifting in my driveway as I am seeing some settling of the concrete near my garage entry.
Vicinity of Barkwood Dr in Cedar Falls
We are having a problem with water seepage into a bottom level storage area (connected to the house) at the back of our house. We would like to get suggestions on how to fix the problem and an estimate to how much it might cost.
Vicinity of Newland Dr in Cedar Falls
Need a quote to water proof basement well housing and cement step above well house.
Vicinity of Columbia Dr. in Cedar Falls
North and east wall in basement have a 1/2 inch crack running the length of the wall. It also has a stair step crack in the corners. TR he bow in the wall is 3 inches estimate.
Vicinity of Washington Street in Cedar Falls
Vicinity of Pin Oak Dr in Cedar Falls
Concrete along west side of house.
Vicinity of Marquis Rd in Cedar Falls
Basement is geeting mold need stronger dehumidifer
Vicinity of Hillside Drive in Cedar Falls
Window well fills up, and leaks at spot where wall and floor meet. Also looking at putting in egress window.
Vicinity of Brook Side Dr in Cedar Falls
Problem with cracks in basement walls at a duplex on Higby in Cedar Falls which leak when it rains heavily.
Vicinity of Carlton Drive in Cedar Falls
Small corner of basement where water has been seeping last two rains. Never had this before and currently have a rubber wall around foundation. Need to talk to someone about likely causes and repair.
Vicinity of Cedar Heights Drive in Cedar Falls
Bowed front basement wall
Vicinity of Waterbury Dr in Cedar Falls
The driveway has settled and there is about 4" difference between the driveway and the garage.
Vicinity of Cleaeview Drive in Cedar Falls
We have water issues in a corner of our basement and would like to correct the problem. Water comes in during heavy or continuous rains. We would like to get an estimate on a repair. Thanks.
Vicinity of Sunnyside Circle in Cedar Falls
I have some movement of concrete blocks in an interior wall of my basement. I would appreciate your inspecting the wall and, if advisable, stabilizing it.
Vicinity of Alameda St in Cedar Falls
During heavy rain, I have water seeping in through basement floor in two areas. I would like it waterproofed so I can finish the basement with a family room and office.
Vicinity of Briarwood Dr in Cedar Falls
Side walk and driveway are sinking in a few spots
Vicinity of Ellen in Cedar Falls
I'm trying to find someone knowledgeable to give me recommendations on what can be done to prevent water leakage into my basement during the heaviest rains. I work long hours, but my lunch hour is flexible on most days. Email works best with me to schedule a specific day and time. Thank you for your time.
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
We are purchasing a house, and would like to estimate repair costs for a cracked cinder block foundation under the garage and a small crack in the exterior home foundation.
Vicinity of Rainbow Drive in Cedar Falls
Basement wall needs leveled. It has leaking cracks.
Vicinity of Carlton Dr in Cedar Falls
Water in basement - need help assessing and determining a fix
Vicinity of Belle Ave in Cedar Falls
I have a cinder block basement wall that is leaning in. Horizontal and stair-step cracks have developed in the mortar. The wall is about two inches out of plumb at it's worst point. This is a 25-30 foot section of wall. This may be due to a heavy concrete stoop used for our front entry. I would like a quote and information about this problem and how to go about best fixing it.
Vicinity of Eastpark Rd in Cedar Falls
I have two spots on my drive way that has gotten really bad and would like to know what it would take to level it back out.
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
Walls are cracked, leaking and bulging inward
Vicinity of State St. in Cedar Falls
Would like an estimate on foundation repair and water proofing my basement
Vicinity of Veralta Dr. in Cedar Falls
I have a 10-12 foot corner in my basement that leaks water. My basement is finished, and I have to pull back my carpet when this happens. I would like a bid to determine the cost of having this fixed.
Vicinity of Crestview Dr in Cedar Falls
If we get a lot of rain, water seems to come up through the cracks in the floor.
Vicinity of Latham Pl in Cedar Falls
We are getting water in our finished basement the last few days. Seems to be seeping in the middle of the room. Need help ASAP.
Vicinity of Pioneer Drive in Cedar Falls
We have a few cement blocks in our foundation wall that have cracked and broken.
Vicinity of Olive Street in Cedar Falls
We have some concerns about the structure in our basement and would like to discuss. I have some time Tuesday morning, 11/3.
Vicinity of Grand Blvd in Cedar Falls
Leaks around the edge of the floor and wall
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
Basement wall repair.
Vicinity of Barrington in Cedar Falls
Sunken sidewalk from driveway to front porch. Also, dirt has been removed from under the driveway by animals.
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
I'm getting light amounts of water in my basement during and after very heavy rainfall. I believe the issue is that my front yard is graded towards the house instead of away from the house.
Vicinity of Stanwood Drive in Cedar Falls
We have some water coming into the southwest corner of our basement. At first I thought it was only with heavy use of an outdoor faucet located in the same area, but after the recent heavy rain I noticed the carpet was soaked again.
Vicinity of Cherrywood Lane in Cedar Falls
House built in late sixties and was dry until 2008. Now the basement gets wet whenever there is a heavy rain.
Vicinity of Woodridge Dr in Cedar Falls
Looking to waterproof basement
Vicinity of Parrish St in Cedar Falls
Foundation cracks, water seeping in most walls, some puddling during heavy rain, I believe basement has some type of drainage system previously installed around perimeter of floor...but isn't doing much. I would like an estimate to prevent water seepage/penetration and to seal the foundation cracks.
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
Our new home is a 1932 brick house with a 2010 concrete-foundation addition. Water is coming in at the seam. Not gushing, just damp. Part of the problem is poor drainage outside, but the seam isn't helping. Obvious crack between the two sections.
Vicinity of Summit in Cedar Falls
Need an estimate on fixing the river that runs through our basement when it rains....
Vicinity of Franklin Street in Cedar Falls
I have cracks in my attached garage foundation and would like a free estimate. Thanks
Vicinity of Grundy Rd in Cedar Falls
I am buying an older 2 story farm house and was looking at getting a price to solve the water problems so it can be finished.
Vicinity of Hearthside Drive in Cedar Falls
I have a spot in my basement foundation where there are small cracks and water is slowly seeping in. I'd like to talk about what we can do to repair that. Thanks.
Vicinity of Green Creek in Cedar Falls
I need a concrete patio in thew back of the house leveled.
Vicinity of Washington St in Cedar Falls
Old house, lots of settling. Does not have a complete basement so there are a couple crawl spaces. I do not care about the basement or its condition, I just need to prevent any more settling as well as possibly level out some of the settling that has occurred.
Vicinity of Garden Ave in Cedar Falls
Have a cement block wall leaning in want estimate to repair.
Vicinity of Lilac Lane in Cedar Falls
I would like to speak with someone regarding a foundation issue. Thank You
Vicinity of Juanita Ave in Cedar Falls
Best to contact me in the afternoons after 1 pm. Leak in finished basement wall....needs to finally be repaired.
Vicinity of Rainbow Drive in Cedar Falls
May need to install a sump pump, and also have some leaky areas in the unfinished portion of the basement.
Vicinity of Hillside Drive in Cedar Falls
East basement wall has cracks - seems to have gotten worse over past year.
Vicinity of Sunny Lane in Cedar Falls
Water leaking thru walls, need to have a system that will divert water to the sump pump
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
I have one wall in basement that leaks when a heavy rain.
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
Crawl space odor. needs lined with plastic?
Vicinity of Clark Drive in Cedar Falls
I have some stairstep cracks in my foundation as well as some vertical cracks and wondered if I could get an estimate
Vicinity of Hollis Road in Cedar Falls
Block walls with cracks. seepage along floor. have beaver system. install egress windows?
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
Damp and musty basement with water occasionally seeping straight up through the floor.
Vicinity of Rosewood Dr in Cedar Falls
My breezeway and attached garage have corner sections of concrete that have settled and heavy rainfall accumulates water at my breezeway entry way and through the breezeway. With the standing water up against my house, it leaks into the basement. I need the settled concrete raised and maybe the front slabs of my driveway closest to he garage doors lifted to control some of the water runoff away from garage and breezeway entry. Do you do free bids in The waterloo/cedar falls area?
Vicinity of Tremont in Cedar Falls
Foundation starting to bow. Cinder block foundation 10-15 foot crack 3 foot below ground level. Need estimate on cost to get it pulled back out. Thanks,
Vicinity of Hearthside in Cedar Falls
Interested in basement waterproofing
Vicinity of Calumett Drive in Cedar Falls
My basement leaks every time we get a heavy rain on the one side
Vicinity of Wedgewood Drive in Cedar Falls
Just looking to get a quote to finish our basement. 950(ish) square ft. New construction where framing is already up. Thanks
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
Water seeps into basement from wall area after it rains
Vicinity of Neola St in Cedar Falls
We have a very small amount of seepage in the northeast corner of our basement. When in rains that corner becomes moist. The foundation is half exposed and we can see a hairline crack in the visible foundation and assume this is the root cause of the issue? Need an estimate on fixing it?

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