Work Requests in Ottumwa

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Learn more about Midwest Foundation Repair's recent work requests in Ottumwa, IA
Vicinity of Deppe Ln in Ottumwa
Water coming in basement
Vicinity of N Cooper Ave in Ottumwa
Crack walls in the basement
Vicinity of E Alta Vista in Ottumwa
The basement wall is starting to push in.
Vicinity of Ward in Ottumwa
Basement has water, walls leak and possibly a sump pump
Vicinity of Carter Ct in Ottumwa
Vicinity of Albia Rd in Ottumwa
Leaking walls. Cause standing water
Vicinity of in Ottumwa
90 percent dry basement walls seem to be fine part of basement walls look poured and other is concrete block leaking from the area of poured wall where old pipes come through pipes no longer are being used capped off
Vicinity of in Ottumwa
I have several areas where water is leaking into the basement. I spotted a crack in the outside wall foundation.
Vicinity of Lincoln Ave in Ottumwa
Have water leaking in my basement. Would like it looked at
Vicinity of S Milner in Ottumwa
I have a finished basement and over the last 2 weeks with all the rain the basement is wet. we have had the carpet removed and the drywall cut 2ft up. there is one small crack that i have seen water coming out of. we need help to have this issue fixed. please call!
Vicinity of in Ottumwa
We have an old house built in 1846. It has a half basement and half dirt. The dirt is pushing on the concrete bricks and water is starting to pour in during storms. I am looking for an estimate to anchor the half way and waterproof the basement. There is an 8 ft section that is very bad.
Vicinity of N Iowa Ave, in Ottumwa
Need basement wall repairs. Cracks and bowing wall.
Vicinity of Grandview Avenue in Ottumwa
I have a learning stem wall that I wanted to see what solutions are available, if any to correct and the costs of such. As well as if the source of the problem is findable and correctable.
Vicinity of Chester Ave in Ottumwa
Sodden framing in basement starting to bow out
Vicinity of S Webster in Ottumwa
Leaking basement been long term
Vicinity of Timberlane Hts in Ottumwa
Our house is settling and we would like to get an estimate on having it fixed this fall. We would like it to be in the afternoon if at all possible. Thanks
Vicinity of Rutedge Rd in Ottumwa
Vicinity of Albia Rd in Ottumwa
I have a wall that is leaking on the driveway side of my basement. The basement has steel reinforcements. I would like to seal my basement so that it doesn't leak anymore. There are some minor cracks that need filled throughout. I have a dryer vent going out a window pane that doesn't look sealed either. Doing this on a slim budget so need the best options for cheap that will be effective.
Vicinity of Vanness Ave. in Ottumwa
Small amount of water comes down basement wall on southeast corner, northside has small amount of seepage where wall meets floor. 1948 built house.
Vicinity of N Sheridan in Ottumwa
We're concerned that the foundation is slowly caving in on our two story home and would like to know our option from a professional .
Vicinity of Hickory in Ottumwa
Garage floorcracked and sunken
Vicinity of Grace St in Ottumwa
Need a basement expert to look at the addition and basement to see if any structural bracing is needed
Vicinity of Northview in Ottumwa
I have a 23' x 22' garage floor that is cracked in several places. About 1/3 of it has sunken about 4 inches. I would like an estimate of cost for what it needs to be made level. This has been like this for 40 years, would like it repaired. Thanks!
Vicinity of Brentwood Dr in Ottumwa
I have cracked basement walls, one that looks particularly bad, pushing my siding out on the wall above, I would like to have it looked at and get an estimate.
Vicinity of Glenwood Av in Ottumwa
The Northwest corner of my basement is leaking. It comes to the middle of the basement and the flooring is soaked.
Vicinity of Elmdale Ave. in Ottumwa
Old basement has been bowing. all of a sudden is worse. needing some sort of estimate
Vicinity of Bear Creek in Ottumwa
Water getting into basement storage room. Basement is finished. Storage/ utility room is sheetrocked but nor finished. I removed Sheetrock where water is localized. Exterior wall has a couple of cracks. I removed sheet rock in this location and the wall is dry. I see water at the base of wall and basement floor slab. I think the tiling is the issue from what I can see.
Vicinity of N Jefferson in Ottumwa
Basement wall cracked and letting water in. Crack had previously been fill around 15 years ago however only was filled above ground. Water comes in with heavy rain and pools in basement floor. There has been drains put in along the wall and run into sump pump however water still coming in through crack.
Vicinity of Copperhead Rd in Ottumwa
Three of our basement walls have cracks that need repair.
Vicinity of South Moore Street in Ottumwa
Foundation cracking back of the house is leaning
Vicinity of in Ottumwa
House is settling. Have cracks and separation of seams. Need an estimate.
Vicinity of Osceola St in Ottumwa
There's a Crack in basement wall. Water leaks into the basement and stands on the floor because of improper drainage. We had a quote done last year, and now would like to take the steps to fix our issues. We are curious if installing an egress window would be possible. Thank you for your time and assistance.
Vicinity of Vogel Ave in Ottumwa
90 year old basement w very little leaking but mildew on bottom 1/3 of walls in several spots
Vicinity of Grandview in Ottumwa
Interested in purchasing a Home with three cracks in the north basement wall
Vicinity of Kenwood in Ottumwa
Have one window in our basement that leaks water only during heavy downpour.
Vicinity of W Park in Ottumwa
I have 2 walls in the basement that is cracked and bowed.
Vicinity of Pike Road in Ottumwa
We had a new house built two years ago. There are now cracks in the walls in the basement so we want to get them evaluated before we finish the basement.
Vicinity of in Ottumwa
I am having trouble with the foundation and need additional help.
Vicinity of N. Court St. in Ottumwa
Our home has a crack in one of the foundations and uneven flooring on parts of the upstairs. We would like to have someone very familiar with foundation and settling issues to determine repairs or other options. Thank you.
Vicinity of Bryan Rd in Ottumwa
Some of my doors seem to be getting tight. The foundation may be moving-probably getting worse because of the dry weather?
Vicinity of in Ottumwa
I have basement walls that leak and are bowing. The floor by one wall is broke and raised.
Vicinity of Osceola St in Ottumwa
Cracks in basement walls. Water running in from cracks, and bubbling up the paint on the floors. The water drains slowly, and leaves some standing water.
Vicinity of Pinehurst Cir in Ottumwa
The sump pump runs about 30 seconds and shuts off, there doesn't appear to be any water extracting out of the pipe; my basement is completely finished like another complete level of living area; two of the bedrooms had leaked onto the carpeting; another bedroom at the other end of the home had leaked and had wet carpet. I moved here less than 2 years ago, and this is my first problem with water leaking and wonder if I should have the carpet pulled back and check for concrete cracks to avoid further damages?
Vicinity of South Iowa Ave in Ottumwa
Hello- I am with Modern Piping. I have a customer in Ottumwa that is in need of poly jacking. Please give me a call
Vicinity of Sussex Place in Ottumwa
Cracks and what appears to be a chunk of the wall popping out.
Vicinity of Albia Rd in Ottumwa
Vicinity of W Golf Ave in Ottumwa
Cracks in basement walls, water in basement.
Vicinity of Glenwood Ave. in Ottumwa
Vicinity of in Ottumwa
I had my basement repaired in January and spent $15,000. And it leaked at the very first rain. They were back in late May to make a Nother repair and ended up redoing the whole job. We just had 1 inch of rain in my basement is leaking worse than it has since the repair was made.please contact me first thing Wednesday morning and let me know how you're going to resolve this issue.
Vicinity of N. Court St. in Ottumwa
Where our driveway meets the garage the driveway has sunken about 4 inches.
Vicinity of in Ottumwa
Basement is not wet but 2 sump pumps run too often. 1978 clay tile still in place on 3 sides of house. Would like to know how much it would cost to replace.
Vicinity of W Finley Ave in Ottumwa
Leveling garage floor and part of driveway to keep water out of garage and from puddling in walkway!
Vicinity of Bryan Rd in Ottumwa
Limited access, only about 3 feet height, mildew smell comes into home, has rock over plastic on ground, walls were fiberglass insulated but got wet and was removed. 3 small vents on walls. foundation does not look code as the concrete does not extend down full depth.
Vicinity of Richmond Ave in Ottumwa
Minor water from main foundation wall in basement. need only about 33 ft waterproofed
Vicinity of N Ward St in Ottumwa
Water coming in basement through windows et foundation
Vicinity of Gray St in Ottumwa
Basement wall has broken in two. Is about ready to completely fall in. Is leaning on the water main
Vicinity of W Main St in Ottumwa
Need an estimate for crawlspace repair on a 1400 sq ft house....some joists need replaced and possibly some beam repair along with several settled piers, floor insulation and dehumidification.
Vicinity of in Ottumwa
Slab on back porch has settled towards house . Water runs against house instead of away. I was curious if it could be jacked up?
Vicinity of Kenwood in Ottumwa
Cracks in basement wall
Vicinity of Webster Ave in Ottumwa
Basement wall is collapsing
Vicinity of North Court Rd in Ottumwa
Cracks, 1 wall coming in, leaks etc
Vicinity of Clayton in Ottumwa
House sinking on one side of house in basement and floor sinking with it also
Vicinity of S. Adella St. in Ottumwa
We would like to finish our cement basement, but there are a few small leaks in the walls first.
Vicinity of N. Traul Avenue in Ottumwa
The mortar between the blocks is cracking and water is coming into basement. Wet basement.
Vicinity of Marilyn Road in Ottumwa
North wall bowed and foundation cracked. Aproximatley 30-40 ft long
Vicinity of Minnesota Street in Ottumwa
My basement wall is starting to bow and would like it reinforced.
Vicinity of Hutchinson Ave. in Ottumwa
Would like an estimate to waterproof our basement.
Vicinity of Eleanor Dr. in Ottumwa
Our basement is leaking every time it rains. It has only started leaking within the last few years, but seems to be getting worse. Please help! Thanks
Vicinity of Riverside Ln in Ottumwa
Older home with block basement. Leaks when ground not frozen. Need solution and estimate. Thank you
Vicinity of S. Adella St in Ottumwa
I would like to put a sump pump and a liner in my crawlspace.
Vicinity of N Jefferson St. in Ottumwa
I want an estimate to install water guard in my basement
Vicinity of South Ferry Street in Ottumwa
Wet floor and walls
Vicinity of E. Elmdale in Ottumwa
Leaking in my finished basement need fast estimate please
Vicinity of Bluegrass Rd. in Ottumwa
Crawl space is yucky. Waiting on radon results
Vicinity of in Ottumwa
We have a poured foundation and have 3 or 4 vertical cracks. I have been looking at epoxy injection on the internet Is this something you do or is not a good fix our basement doesn't flood it is only next to the wall we can see the cracks we have removed the sheet rock in that area and where it leaks the worst is about 8ft long
Vicinity of N. Quincy Ave. in Ottumwa
I recently purchased a house that has two bad walls in the basement. I would like to know what the price range would be to repair them. They are bowing inward and cracking pretty much the length of the wall.
Vicinity of North Schuyler Street in Ottumwa
Cracks in walls and floor, mildew/mold smell, damp
Vicinity of Lynwood Ave in Ottumwa
East Basement wall cracked and needs stabilized. We found the cracks when we tore off the paneling because of water in the basement.
Vicinity of Lynwood Ave in Ottumwa
We get water in our basement with prolonged hard rain, maybe 2-3 times a year...
Vicinity of E. Altavista Ave. in Ottumwa
Need inside drainage system with sump pump. Would like the free estimate and recommendations as basement leaks during high rain events.
Vicinity of in Ottumwa
Home mornings best to call then
Vicinity of W Golf in Ottumwa
I have 3 duplexes that are settling in one way or another.
Vicinity of Meadowdale in Ottumwa
Just front left portion of houses foundation is sinking and causing house seperation from concrete foundation, interior drywall and ceiling cracking, preventing doors from shutting, etc.
Vicinity of West Rochester in Ottumwa
Want to see if we can put a sump pump in exiting drain hole
Vicinity of Hamilton St. in Ottumwa
I have a wet basement. Crack along one entire wall and water comes in thru windows as well. Need an estimate to repair the walls, waterproof the basement and possibly replace the windows.
Vicinity of Meadowdale St in Ottumwa
Leaking basement
Vicinity of N Court in Ottumwa
I have some exterior cracks in my foundation that I would like to have an estimate to repair.

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