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Before and After Pictures from Polk County
Bowing Walls in Des Moines, IA

Bowing Walls in Des Moines, IA

Before After
Bowing Walls in Des Moines, IA Bowing Walls in Des Moines, IA

Midwest Foundation Repair got a phone call from Dan talking about how he wanted to sell his house but needed to get his basement walls fixed. He needed one of our experts to come out and give him a quote at no cost to him. He had Tom, our System Design Specialist, come out and talk to Dan about how he will need Power Braces on his basement wall. He wanted Tom to explain that to him because he didn't know what those were. 

Tom explained that they are beams that will go against the wall that is bowing and they will help them move back into place and prevent it from happening again. 

Dan was very pleased with what they can do so he booked the work to be done. He had Matt and his crew come out and fix the walls. Dan was very pleased with what was done with the wall and how Matt was as a foreman. He was impressed that Matt cleaned up after himself and made it look as new as it could. 

Preventing Driveway Cracks in Des Moines, IA

Preventing Driveway Cracks in Des Moines, IA

Before After
Preventing Driveway Cracks in Des Moines, IA Preventing Driveway Cracks in Des Moines, IA

It's important to have a good sealant to prevent cracks in concrete. For this customer, we applied NexusPro silicone-based sealant to fill and seal cracks and control joints. Unlike traditional polyurethane sealants, NexusPro is specially designed to resist UV rays, ensuring that it remains durable and doesn't crack, bubble, or dry over time. Additionally, NexusPro has a significantly shorter drying time compared to other urethane-based caulking products. Its long-lasting properties have been proven to outperform other sealants, providing reliable protection for your driveway. 

Sump Pump Installation in Des Moines, IA

Sump Pump Installation in Des Moines, IA

Before After
Sump Pump Installation in Des Moines, IA Sump Pump Installation in Des Moines, IA

In the case of this customer's basement, which experienced water intrusion in multiple areas and lacked a sump pump, we implemented a comprehensive solution consisting of WaterGuard, CleanSpace, and a sump pump.


WaterGuard is a specialized waterproofing system designed to capture water seepage through walls and leaks along the wall/floor joint. Its discreet installation ensures minimal disruption to the basement's aesthetics. By effectively collecting and redirecting water to the sump pump, WaterGuard helps prevent flooding and water damage, providing a reliable defense against moisture-related issues.


CleanSpace, on the other hand, serves as a highly effective vapor barrier. By sealing off the basement walls and floor from the surrounding soil, CleanSpace prevents the evaporation of ground moisture into the basement air. This barrier helps eliminate the conditions necessary for mold and mildew growth, ensuring a clean and healthy environment while also protecting the basement's structural integrity.


The addition of a sump pump is a crucial component of the solution. Sump pumps are essential for removing water from basements and crawl spaces, preventing flooding and water seepage. By automatically activating when water reaches a certain level in the sump pit, the sump pump efficiently pumps out the water, keeping the basement dry and safeguarding the foundation, walls, and possessions stored within the space.


The importance of sump pumps extends beyond immediate water removal. They also contribute to preventing mold and mildew growth, reducing the risk of long-term structural damage, and protecting against basement flooding. Furthermore, having a sump pump installed may fulfill insurance requirements for flood coverage or qualify homeowners for lower premiums, underscoring their significance in mitigating water-related risks and maintaining a secure property.


By incorporating WaterGuard, CleanSpace, and a sump pump, we provided the customer with a comprehensive solution that effectively addresses their water intrusion issues, ensures the basement is presentable, and offers the peace of mind they sought in protecting their investment.






Company Awards
Outstanding Corporate Philanthropy Award
Midwest Basement Systems received the Outstanding Corporate Philantrhopy award from Children's Cancer Connection.... [Read more]
Cityview's Best of Des Moines
Midwest Foundation Repair received runner up in Best of Des Moines from Cityview.... [Read more]
Better Business Bureau 2010 Integrity Award
Des Moines, Iowa (April 12, 2010) - Midwest Basement Systems will receive the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Integrity Award for... [Read more]
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Leading Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling Company in Polk County

Do you have bowing basement walls or cracked concrete? What about a wet basement? Midwest Foundation Repair can help you with all of the above! We are Polk County’s go-to provider of basement waterproofing, concrete repair, gutter installation, and so much more. With decades of experience, you can count on us to get the job done right the first time!

Midwest Foundation Repair’s Home Repair Services

  • Foundation Repair
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Crawl Space Repair
  • Concrete Leveling & Lifting
  • Concrete Repair
  • Gutter Shutter® Installation
  • Gutter Guard Installation

Get in touch with Midwest Foundation Repair today to schedule a free estimate on our services! We proudly serve Polk County, IA and nearby.

We can fix your uneven floors & sticking doors!

Midwest Foundation Repair offers durable foundation repairs for foundation problems like tilting chimneys, floor cracks, and even street creep. Our solutions include foundation piers, foundation wall repairs, crawl space support posts, and so much more. We will help you repair the following foundation problems.

Signs of Foundation Damage:

  • Bowing walls
  • Floor cracks
  • Foundation cracks
  • Uneven floors
  • Sticking windows & doors
  • Stair step cracks
  • Tilting chimney

Dehumidifiers, Sump Pumps, & More For Wet Basements

Wet basements and crawl spaces can result in mold growth, reduced home value, pest infestations, and poor indoor air quality. Fortunately, Midwest Foundation Repair offers effective basement waterproofing to solve these problems.

  • Complete basement waterproofing for wet & flooded basements
  • Drainage systems
  • Sump pump installation
  • Waterproof wall products & wall crack repairs
  • Basement dehumidification
  • Discharge line systems

Polk County's Crawl Space Repair Professional

It is not uncommon for homeowners to ignore or avoid their crawl spaces. We get it — out of sight, out of mind. However, crawl space problems can wind up affecting your entire Polk County home, resulting in:

  • Structural damage
  • Fungus & mold growth
  • Insect infestations
  • Pests moving into your home
  • Unpleasant odors

Midwest Foundation Repair offers durable structural repairs, crawl space dehumidification, and crawl space encapsulation to keep your home healthy and structurally sound!

Cracked Concrete Repair & More in Polk County

Do you keep tripping on your front sidewalk? Are you looking to fix your cracked concrete? You’re in luck, because Midwest Foundation Repair offers quality concrete repair products and services in and around Polk County, including:

  • Concrete driveway leveling
  • Concrete sidewalk leveling
  • Concrete patio leveling
  • Concrete slab leveling
  • Interior slab leveling
  • PolyLevel
  • Cracked concrete repair
  • Concrete sealant
  • Sidewalk repair
  • Concrete driveway repair

Repairing cracked and uneven concrete with Midwest Foundation Repair will extend your concrete’s lifespan, prevent further damage, and boost your property’s curb appeal. Schedule a free concrete repair estimate today!

Say goodbye to leaky gutters with Midwest Foundation Repair!

If you’re tired of cleaning your gutters, the experts at Midwest Foundation Repair have just what you need! We offer the all-in-one Gutter Shutter® System that is guaranteed to never clog, sag, or pull away from your home. That means your home will be protected against water damage to the roof, siding, foundation, and landscaping for the long haul!

Gutter Shutter® Advantages

  • No-clog guarantee
  • Premium-grade aluminum won’t flex
  • 6-inch gutter size allows for increased water flow
  • High-back water trough prevents water damage to fascia
  • Double-the-size downspouts
  • Made in the United States

Free Foundation Repair, Basement Waterproofing, & Concrete Repair Estimates in Polk County

Midwest Foundation Repair has provided quality home repair services to homeowners in Polk County since 1995. Our team is punctual, dependable, and trustworthy, which is how we’ve built strong relationships with our customers over the years.

Why choose Midwest Foundation Repair?

  • Quality workmanship
  • Affordable prices
  • Highly trained professionals
  • Friendly & reliable customer service
  • Free estimates
  • And so much more!

Even better, we offer free estimates for all our services in Polk County! Schedule yours today.

Job Stories From Polk County, IA
Water Leaking into Basement is Corrected in Winterset

Erik had one inch of water standing in his basement during heavy rains.  Water was almost always leaking into his basement every time it rained.  He knew this was because his walls were bowing in which caused them to crack.  He was aware that this was a foundation issue, and decided he needed to get it fixed as soon as possible, to make sure his home stays structurally stable.

Midwest Basement Systems made sure his home would stay around for many years to come.  They installed PowerBraces around his bowing walls, as well as a WaterGuard system that led to a sump pump.  Several EverLast basement windows were installed, along with SunHouse window enclosures to prevent any water from entering the basement. His basement has been dry ever since!

Waterproofing a Basement in Waverly, IA

John was fixing up some things around his house and noticed there was something wrong with the walls in his basement. He noticed that water was coming into his basement through several wall cracks. He called Midwest Basement Systems as soon as possible for help in preventing the water intrusion and fixing the wall cracks.

We were able to solve John's problems by first installing PowerBraces which will correct the bowing in his wall creating the cracks. Afterwards, we installed WaterGuard, a below floor drainage system, that will keep his basement permanently dry. John was very happy with what we did and plans to use us for any future work needed!

Sump Pump Gets Installed in Polk City, IA

Marshall was fixing up the basement and noticed that he needed a new Sump Pump so he called Midwest Basement Systems. We told him that we could come out to his house to give him a free quote to install a sump pump.

We went out to his home and when he found out the price, he was sold! He immediately scheduled an appointment to receive it. We installed it and Marshall was very pleased with our work!

Water Prevention for a Carlisle Basement

Dean was talking to his neighbors about having water in their basements and Dean wanted to prevent that in his home. As soon as he got inside, he called Midwest Basement Systems. We went out to his house and explained to him the process basement waterproofing - Dean decided this is how he wanted to protect his home.

We started by installing a WaterGuard drainage system. WaterGuard is a piping system that goes all the way around the perimeter of the basement to prevent water from flooding the space. WaterGuard sits on top of the footing, instead of alongside the footing. This is important to know because the mud can't get into the drain and clog it. WaterGuard will help to keep Dean's basement dry for many years to come!

Crawl Space Repair in Altoona, IA

Mike has lived in his house for about ten years and he was noticing some different smells and mold in his house. He has little kids running around his house all the time and he was thinking that he needed to get this fixed. He called Midwest Basement Systems and asked one of our System Designer Specialists come out to talk to him about the issue. We told him that we needed to install a dehumidifier in his crawl space and do some other work throughout the whole crawl space.

We went through the steps of repairing his crawl space. The steps to repair it is to fix the ground water leakage, isolate the house form the earth, and seal out outside air. Mike is grateful for the work performed that made his home a healthier, safer, place!

Crawl Space Repair in Des Moines, IA

Erica was working around her house and noticed that her furniture was not sitting correctly on the floor. She called Midwest Basement Systems as soon as she saw the problem. We sent out our expert, Tom, to look at the problem. Tom diagnosed that her floors were sagging and she need SmartJacks to raise the floor back up and prevent the problem from happening in the future.

SmartJacks are metal beams that are supporting the floor to prevent the problem of sagging floors happening again. We sent out our production team and they installed SmartJacks. Erica was very happy with the work. She noticed a huge difference.

Concrete leveling in Johnston, IA

Jeremy was working in the yard this past weekend and noticed his driveway has been sinking. He wanted to get it fixed because he had a lot of kids walking past his house and he didn't want them to trip and fall. He called us that day and scheduled an appointment to have one of our experts come out and give him a free quote. The expert told him that he would need to get his driveway and sidewalk fixed. 

The process was to fix the sunken conrete with Polylevel. Polylevel is the process that we use to fix the sunken concrete. Polylevel takes the original concept of mudjacking and combines it with modern technology. Instead of using mud and concrete, we use high-density polymers to raise slabs back to desired level. 

We did the work for Jeremy when is was nice outside and he was very happy with the results. He told the crew that he would recommend that process to anybody else. 

Waterproofing in Ankeny, IA

Beverly was putting Christmas decorations away and noticed that there was a spot of water on her carpet. She called in and asked what the process would be to help her. We sent out one of our expert design specialists to look at what was going on. Our expert, Kyle told her that she was going to need some Waterguard put in and Iceguard to protect it in the future. Beverly agreed to all of this and set up a day that our foreman could come out and install all of this for her. 

Our foreman and his crew showed up on time and did the work like Beverly was told. Beverly was very impressed with the crew and was happy that her basement would be permanently fixed with our transferable warranty. She called in and talked very highly of our company and told us that she would tell everybody about us. 

Bowing Walls in Des Moines, IA

Mr. and Mrs. Theuma was spring cleaning and they noticed there walls were bowing. They were concerned because they had never seen it before. They call Midwest Basement Systems as soon as they saw the problem and asked to set up an appointment to have one of our experts come out and look at the problem. They had Nathan come out and take a look and he described that the walls were caving in and they needed to be fixed with Power Braces. 

Nathan explained what Power Braces were and said that it would prevent it from happening again. They were thrilled with that and signed the contract. They wanted to fix the problems and make sure it wasn't going to happen again. 

They had Alejandro and his crew out to do the work and they did a great job keeping the place clean. They did the work in a day and the walls are fixed now. 

The homeowners were very pleased with the work that was done and said they would recommend us to anybody that had the issue they had. 

Basement Waterproofing, Crawl Space repair, and new windows in Des Moines, IA

These homeowners walked in their basement and realized they had a lot of work to do. They were tired of getting water in their basement through the walls and the windows. They also wanted to be able to store some things in their crawl spaces. They called Midwest Basement Systems to set up an appointment with one of our experts to come out and take a look at the house. 

The expert explained everything what we would need to do and they agreed to all of it. They agreed to install WaterGuard, encapsulate the crawl space, and get new windows. 

Alejandro came out one week and got th work done in a week. The homeowners were impressed with what Alejandro and his crew did. They loved how clean the place looked once they were finished. 

The homeowners told Alejandro that they would recommend us to anybody that needed that much work done. They were very happy. 

Piering in Des Moines, IA

This homeowner was very concerned about his foundation walls. He called Midwest Basement Systems and had our design specialist come out and check out the problem. Mr. Hunsicker decided to do the work and have the crew come out and start the work. Chico and his crew worked hard to fix the homeowners wall. The homeowner was very happy with the work and said he would recommend the work to anybody that has the problem. 

Leveling Concrete in Des Moines, IA

Midwest Basement Systems went out to a home in Des Moines, IA to level the homeowners garage floor. Travis and his crew went to the home and raised the concrete around 3 inches. The homeowners were very pleased with the work and would recommend the company to anybody that has the same problem as them. 

Leveling Concrete in Des Moines, IA - Photo 1Leveling Concrete in Des Moines, IA - Photo 2Leveling Concrete in Des Moines, IA - Photo 3Leveling Concrete in Des Moines, IA - Photo 4Leveling Concrete in Des Moines, IA - Photo 5
Waterproofing in Ankeny, IA

Homeowners noticed water coming into their basement when all the rain came early May. They wanted to get it fixed immediately because they had valuables in their basement that they did not want to get wet. They called Midwest Basement Systems and wanted to have an expert come out and take a look at the problem. Nick went out to the house and described the problem to them. They signed the contract right away and had Christiam and his crew come out and fix the problem. 

Christiam and his crew were installing WaterGuard, IceGuard, and a sump pump. The pictures in this album are pictures of them getting ready to install all of the items. 

Waterproofing in Ankeny, IA - Photo 1Waterproofing in Ankeny, IA - Photo 2Waterproofing in Ankeny, IA - Photo 3Waterproofing in Ankeny, IA - Photo 4Waterproofing in Ankeny, IA - Photo 5Waterproofing in Ankeny, IA - Photo 6Waterproofing in Ankeny, IA - Photo 7Waterproofing in Ankeny, IA - Photo 8
Bowing walls in Urbandale, IA

These homeowners noticed staircase cracks and bowing walls in their home. They took awhile to have the problem fixed so it got worse on the same spot but also around the whole house. They had Midwest Basement Systems come and take a look at the problem and told them what we could do. The homeowners were very pleased that it wasn't a lot of work and it could get done in one day. They signed the contract and had Matt and his crew come out and do the work. 

Bowing walls in Urbandale, IA - Photo 1Bowing walls in Urbandale, IA - Photo 2Bowing walls in Urbandale, IA - Photo 3Bowing walls in Urbandale, IA - Photo 4Bowing walls in Urbandale, IA - Photo 5
Huge piering job in Des Moines, IA

Homeowner realized his mom needed work done on her house. He called Midwest Basement Systems to have our sales manager come out and look at what is going on. Rod realized that she had sagging floors and her doors were sticking while she tried to open them, as well as her windows. Rod told her that we would life her house with piers and then we would level the concrete in the garage. 

Huge piering job in Des Moines, IA - Photo 1Huge piering job in Des Moines, IA - Photo 2Huge piering job in Des Moines, IA - Photo 3Huge piering job in Des Moines, IA - Photo 4Huge piering job in Des Moines, IA - Photo 5
Block Wall Replacement in Des Moines, IA

Homeowner was very concerned about his wall that was cracking. He called Midwest Foundation Repair to have a System Design Specialist out to get a free quote. The expert told the homeowner that he should replace the whole wall. It will prevent anything from happening. The homeowner decided to do the project with us. Chico and his crew went out and did the work. They did a great job and the homeowner was very pleased with our work. 

Block Wall Replacement in Des Moines, IA - Photo 1Block Wall Replacement in Des Moines, IA - Photo 2Block Wall Replacement in Des Moines, IA - Photo 3Block Wall Replacement in Des Moines, IA - Photo 4Block Wall Replacement in Des Moines, IA - Photo 5
Marshalltown, IA Basement updated with CleanSpace, WaterGuard and TripleSafe Pump System

James and Lynnece M. planned to use their basement during the summer months but were noticing a damp smell and water staining the walls.

James and Lynnece called Midwest Foundation Repair and System Design Specialist, Calogeno Principato came out to their home. He was ble to identify that water was entering along the floors and walls.

We started with directing water down the walls behind our CleanSpace to our WaterGuard that went around basement and then dumped into our TripleSafe Pump System. Also, to eliminate water vapor from evaporating into the air we completely encapsulated the walls, effectively eliminating the damp smell.

Uneven Concrete Repaired with PolyLevel and Nexus Pro in Altoona, IA

Jessica and Chris J.’s back patio and front sidewalk were starting to sink, with a young daughter, they wanted to make sure the concrete was safe for their family. They noticed that on the back patio water was starting to pool and the concrete was starting to sink making a noticeable gab.

We had System Design Specialist Dan King go to their home to evaluate what we could do to repair the concrete. He was able to identify that the water was collecting was because the control joints had expanded the slab openings, which allowed water to wash away the soil and cause sinking.

We were able to use two products to repair the concrete, PolyLevel and Nexus Pro. The PolyLevel was able to level and stabilize the concrete, while Nexus Pro was used to fill the control joints and cracks.

PolyLevel and NexusPro Joint Sealant Repair Concrete in Altoona, IA

Homeowners in Altoona, IA were getting ready to sell their home, but needed some concrete repaired first. The concrete on the walkway and bottom of the driveway had settled. The side slabs also and large voids underneath.

Midwest was able to use PolyLevel to lift and level the settled concrete back to the original height. Then used NexusPro Joint Sealant to close up the joints and prevent water from entering again.

West Des Moines, IA Home Wall Stabilized and New Sump Pump

Homeowners in West Des Moines, IA were worried about their foundation and sump pump. A crack appeared on one of their foundation walls and their sump pump was old.

Midwest installed three PowerBraces on three foundation walls, that were showing signs of failure, stabilizing the walls. A new sump pump was also installed, replacing the old one, due to mechanical failure. The basement also had high humidity levels, to help with this we installed a SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier to keep the humidity levels low.

Crawl Space Solution in Clive, IA

A homeowner in Clive, IA was wanting to enclose the crawl space. She was tired of it always being dirty and bugs and mice were always getting into it.

The crew removed the old plastic linear and then encapsulated the space with CleanSpace. The crawl space is now a clean and usable storage area that is protected from the outside elements.

Des Moines, IA Basement Foundation Repair

A new homeowner in Des Moines, IA was noticing moisture in her home. She removed the drywall and found that the foundation wall was bowing in and crumbling.

The Midwest crew installed PowerBraces and a wall anchor system to support the two walls that were crumbling and bowing in a couple of inches. Then applied ShotLock over the top, making the walls look new again.

Sump Pump Upgrade in Des Moines, IA 50

A homeowner in Des Moines, IA was worried that the current sump pump was going out. It was constantly running and had trouble keeping up with the amount of water. Upon inspection, our service technician recommended that he upgrade to a newer model. After the install, the homeowner was thrilled to have peace of mind in knowing the sump pump was performing at top-notch quality. 

Basement Waterproofing in Urbandale, IA

Geoff D. was planning to sell his home in a couple of years, but there was a big problem that he wanted to fix before he did - water in the basement.


The carpet and drywall in the basement was being ruined by water getting in, making it so that he could not utilize this space as a living area. This was a big cause of concern for the homeowner, and something he didn’t want to leave for the next owner to fix. Geoff wanted to work with a company he could trust to do the job right, and someone who would stand behind their work for the years ahead. With over 25 years of waterproofing basements throughout Iowa, Midwest Foundation Repair was the right company for the job.


After inspecting the basement to identify the problem areas, we installed our Waterguard drainage system to capture any water that made it’s way in and direct it to the sump pump. We also installed Cleanspace vapor barrier along the basement walls to protect the drywall and make the space clean, dry and safe.


The customer was very pleased with our solutions, and can rest easier knowing that the next owner of his home will never know the stress of dealing with a wet basement.

Concrete Repair in Grimes, IA

Craig W. In Grimes, Iowa noticed that the concrete slabs in his driveway were slowly but surely sinking, creating cracks and trip hazards where the joints were no longer flush. He knew that the problem would only get worse if something wasn’t done about it, and that could mean even more expense if things got so bad that replacement was the only option left. That’s when he called Midwest Foundation Repair.


We could see right away that voids beneath the concrete slabs were causing them to sink, and our inspection revealed that pressure was being exerted on the driveway slabs from a phenomenon known as ‘street creep’. Concrete and other materials expand in the heat, and contract in the cold. Street creep occurs when the street in front of a house expands and there is no way to relieve the pressure this exerts on the driveway slabs that are also expanding. Over time, this pressure becomes too much for the driveway slabs to absorb and they crack. 


To repair and protect Craig’s home, we needed a 3 step approach - level the concrete, protect it from sinking in the future and protect the driveway from street creep. First, we injected Polylevel polyurethane foam into the voids beneath the driveway slabs to lift and level them. Next, we cut into the driveway to install a compression joint that would provide the necessary ‘wiggle room’ between the driveway and the street. We then sealed all of the concrete joints to prevent water from flowing beneath the slabs where it could wash away supporting soil. Lastly, we applied a sealant over the surface of the concrete to protect it from the normal wear and tear that gradually chips and flakes away concrete, increasing the lifetime of the driveway. We also filled a void beneath Craig’s garage before it could become an issue.


In the end, Craig was thrilled with the results, and was happy to know that we had not only solved todays problems, but also helped prevent future problems.

Concrete Repair in Johnston, IA

Rachelle L. In Johnston, IA was concerned about the state of her driveway, sidewalk and steps. The slabs were sinking, creating lots of trip hazards. She also knew all too well the feeling of running into concrete ledges while trying to shovel snow and wasn’t looking forward to another year of that. Rachelle had heard that Midwest Foundation Repair did good work, and so we got the call.


Using PolyLevel polyurethane foam injection, we filled the voids beneath her concrete slabs to make them level again. To help protect the concrete from sinking again and to enhance it’s appearance, we sealed any cracks and joints with NexusPro.


After the project was complete, Rachelle had this to say about her experience, “The crew did and excellent job. My neighbors have already commented on how nice it looks. I'm very glad I did the project.” She was also glad that she could repair her concrete instead of the more expensive option of replacing it.

Tripping Hazard Sidewalk no more in Ankeny, IA

The concrete settled and created a tripping hazard on the sidewalk. They did not want anyone to get hurt. The sidewalk concrete slabs settled about 3 inches making it uneven and an obvious tripping hazard. 

They chose us because of our reputation and read reviews on how good we were. We used Polylevel foam to level out the slabs and we used NexusPro joint sealant to caulk the joints so no water gets in underneath the slab. This project stands out because the concrete settled pretty severely. It was to the point where I am not sure any other company could have pulled it off as great as we did. 

The customer loved the improved sidewalk. No more tripping hazard!

Tripping Hazard Sidewalk no more in Ankeny, IA - Photo 1
Basement waterproofing in West Des Moines, IA

Dan M. In West Des Moines, Iowa had plans to sell his home in a few years, and he wanted to get top dollar for it when the time came. He had previously worked with Midwest Foundation Repair to install a waterproofing system that worked great and added value to his home, but unsightly water damage and dampness of the old basement cinderblock walls would almost certainly turn off potential home buyers, or at best attract low ball offers. 


Since Dan had already had a great experience working with Midwest in the past, he decided to give us a call to see what could be done. After performing a thorough inspection, we recommended installing CleanSpace vapor barrier along all of the basement walls. Not only would this make the space brighter and the walls cleaner, it would reduce humidity and that ‘basement smell’ that comes from damp spaces.


As far as Dan was concerned, “If this fixes my problem and maintains my property value, then let's do it.”


In the end, Dan was thrilled with the result we achieved and can now feel confident that his basement will be a selling point for a potential home buyer when the time comes.

Wall Repair in Des Moines, IA

Ask anyone who has tried selling a home with a foundation problem and they’ll tell you - cracked and bowing walls have a tendency to scare away potential home buyers and drive down offer prices. This is what was happening to Mallory U. In Des Moines, Iowa, and she needed someone to do something fast so she could move into her new home.


Mallory called Midwest Foundation Repair in urgent need of help, and we were able to provide a thorough inspection, estimate and installation date within her timeframe.


To restore stability to the cracked, bowing basement walls, we installed our patented PowerBraces, providing the necessary support from the slab to the floor joists. With the foundation now properly supported, this home was much more appealing to home buyers.


Mallory was pleased with the result, and by how quickly we worked. Not only that, but our solution also met with the approval of a home buyer and Mallory was able to sell the home and move into her new one in no time.

Porch settlement in Runnells, IA

The homeowner was worried that the wrap-around porch was going to have to be rebuilt because it seemed to be falling apart. They had Midwest come check out the problem. We found that the porch was settling due to poor footings. We fixed this for them by installing piers under the columns to stabilize the settling porch. The homeowner was so glad they did not have to rebuild the entire deck. 






Porch settlement in Runnells, IA - Photo 1
Concrete repair over replace in Runnells, IA

The homeowners thought their driveway was unrepairable. When they had some roofers out, their truck cracked a lot of their driveway. This wasn't necessarily caused by the roofing truck but the water washing out dirt from underneath the concrete. Our system design specialist went out to see what we could do. He determined that The homeowners did not need to replace their concrete and that we could get it all lifted, leveled, and repaired. 

After making the repairs to the concrete, We could an exposed downspout that was allowing water near the concrete and causing the washout. We buried the downspout to prevent any future soil washout from the repaired concrete. 


Concrete repair over replace in Runnells, IA - Photo 1Concrete repair over replace in Runnells, IA - Photo 2Concrete repair over replace in Runnells, IA - Photo 3Concrete repair over replace in Runnells, IA - Photo 4
CrawlSpace repair in Runnells, IA

The customer wanted to maintain property value and keep the house up to code with floor support. They had a 30 ft x 30 ft crawlspace with only two supports underneath the section of the house. This caused floors to dip and sag. We fixed the problem by adding 12 smart jacks and 3 supplemental beams to help spread out the weight of the house

The customer was interested to see it done and to see the new and upgraded support his house was going to have. This project stands out to me because it was a customer that didn't doubt our solution and understood why he needed it.



CrawlSpace repair in Runnells, IA - Photo 1
Flipping Houses and Concrete Repair in Ankeny, IA

These house flippers needed a small concrete project done quickly. After looking at companies in the area, they came across Midwest and asked if we could complete this project with a week turnaround so that they could sell the house. 

We sent System Design Specialist Elliot Christians to inspect the concrete problem and schedule a solution quickly. Elliot noticed that the concrete next to the foundation was settling, and that water was seeping into the soil under the concrete, then seeping into the basement. After seeing this, Elliot called a team to quickly solve this problem. Our team spent a long day to get this project installed by utilized PolyLevel Concrete Leveling and NexusPro Cracked Concrete Repair to lift and seal the concrete from any water. 

The house flippers were very happy with the installation and with how quickly our team was able to solve their problem.

Foundation and Waterproofing in Des Moines, IA

These homeowners were noticing cracking and water coming through their basement walls. They did not want mold, allergens, or water to get its way in, so they called Midwest! They knew we would have the best solution, and could do the job right the first time. System Design Specialist, Brandon Rost, came out to meet with them. After the inspection, he noticed the stair step cracking, a slight lean in the wall, and water stains. Brandon proposed we use our CleanSpace to keep the water out, as well as prevent any mold from growing, a Dehumidifier to keep moisture levels low, and PowerBraces to stop the wall from leaning and cracking, as well as over time possibly straightening it out. The homeowners were excited with this idea, and we sent out our installation team! The homeowners were every happy they were able to understand why they were having this issues, and what the best solution was. There is no doubt they can enjoy their basement without worries of water getting in! 

Concrete Repair in Grimes, IA

This homeowner had a few trip hazards and his front walkway was starting to settle. He knew of Thrasher, because we had done work at his daughters house and thought the work was great. He gave us a call and System Design Specialist, Todd King, came out to see him. Todd found there were cracks in the wingwalls, broken control joints and a few of the entryway slabs had settled, creating trip hazards. Todd proposed we lift the area with our PolyLevel to level the slabs out and seal the joints with NexusPro. He also proposed putting in ac compression guard in the driveway to take pressure off and prevent street creep. The homeowner was pleased with this idea, so we sent out our installation team. This homeowner was very happy with the work, and there is no doubt they no longer need to worry about trip hazards. 

Front Step Repair in Pleasant Hill

This family were having some tripping hazards going into the garage and front steps. They also thought the concrete was unsightly from the curb and tired of cleaning out weeds growing in control joints. Their daughter had us do work on their home and was extremely impressed with the quality of work we do in a timely manner, so they gave us a call. System Design Specialist, Mike Portel, Mike did his inspection of the area of concern, and found the concrete settled over time in various areas, likely from washout and dry out over the years. Mike went back to the family with these findings and a solution. Together they decided to fix the settled concrete by injecting PolyLevel foam under the slabs to raise them. Then we sealed all the joints with NexusPro sealant to prevent washout again and keep plants from growing through them. Finally, they decided to seal the driveway with SealantPro to prevent the driveway from pitting and flaking away. The family was so impressed with the final product. They had a couple of areas that has settled badly, and did not think we would be able to lift them as much as we did. There is no doubt they are not worried about these tripping hazards and weeds growing anymore. 

Concrete Repair in Des Moines, IA

This customer in Des Moines, IA had old concrete that was starting to settle and crack all around the home. She was worried about the tripping hazards this would cause and wanted to get it fixed as soon as possible. Having seen Thrasher trucks in the neighborhood, she decided to give us a call and see how we can help save her concrete. 

After the crew came out for the inspection, we decided that the best solution would be to use PolyLevel to raise the concrete back into the original place, then use NexusPro to seal and protect the joints. PolyLevel is a lightweight foam that expands to lift and support slabs without adding any extra weight to the soil underneath. Then NexusPro joint sealant seals the joints on the concrete to protect the slab from water and other debris from getting under the concrete and causing future damage. 

Our customer can now enjoy her home without having to worry about tripping hazards or future damages to her concrete. 

Concrete Repair in Altoona, IA

After just buying his house, our customer in Altoona, IA wanted to get his driveway protected and prevent any problems in the future. This customer was impressed with our communication with him about the project, after being blown off by two other companies before, he knew Thrasher was the right company to help him out. 

Our team inspected the driveway and found that the joints on his driveway were left exposed and vulnerable to water and various chemicals and debris. These exposed joints can cause settling concrete and potential for other foundational problems around the home. The crew used NexusPro joint sealant to help seal the joints and protect the concrete for the future. NexusPro is a product that is the ideal solution for sealing joints in your driveway and creating lasting beauty and curb appeal for your home.

This customer couldn't have been happier with the outcome and was very impressed with our work. It was important that this project got done before the winter, so he was grateful we were able to help him out. 

Concrete Repair in Urbandale, IA

This homeowner living in Urbandale, IA had some places on her walkway leading up to her home that were causing some concerns of a tripping hazard for her. She was wanting to get this problem fixed before it got any worse and became a bigger issue. After seeing our trucks in the area, she decided to give Thrasher a call and see how we could help.

After the inspection, the crew determined the problem on the walkway but knew there could be a bigger problem in the future. The joints on her driveway were not sealed leaving her concrete vulnerable and exposed to future damages. The team was able to fix her walkway using PolyLevel foam to fill the void under the concrete and raise it back level getting rid of the tripping hazard. We then used NexusPro joint sealant to seal the joints in the driveway preventing any other concrete from settling in the future. 

This customer was appreciative of all the information we were able to communicate with her and was glad she no longer has to worry about her concrete in the future!  

Concrete Repair in Pleasant Hill, IA

This homeowner was apart of an HOA that needed to get multiple sidewalks repaired. They needed to find a reliable contractor that would be able to help with this project. They knew of Midwest and our great warranties, and after reading reviews knew we were the company for them. They gave us a call and System Design Specialist, Rich Lathrum, came out to meet with them. Rich did his inspection of the driveway and sidewalks and noticed it had a lot of water damage. The soil under the slabs were completely washed out, causing the concrete to sink and crack. Rich came back to the homeowner with these findings and a solution. Rich proposed we use PolyLevel and NexusPro to help stabilize and prevent more water from getting under the slab. Polylevel is used to lift , level, and stabilize concrete back into place by injected foam that expands under the slab. NexusPro is our caulk that is used to seal the joints and cracks. Both of these products are waterproof, so this prevents any further washout. The homeowner loved this solution and we sent out our installation team. They loved the way it turned out and are happy their concrete will be protected for years to come.

Gutters in Des Moines, IA

These homeowners are living in their forever home and are not able to climb on the ladder to clean out the gutters any longer. Their home is surrounded by mature trees and their gutters were clogged with leaves and walnuts. They had us out in the past before, so they knew they could trust Midwest Foundation Repair. System Design Specialist, Michael Holtzbauer, came out to meet with them. Michael surveyed the area and saw how plugged the gutters really were. He saw how the water was running off the roof and falling right next to the foundation, potentially causing other issues. Michael went back to the homeowners with the findings and a solution. Instead of replacing the full gutter, we installed our gutter guard product called RainDrop. After cleaning out the gutters, they installed RainDrop to protect the gutters from future leaves and debris causing them to clog. Water can then be caught by the gutters and transferred away from the foundation. There is no doubt this homeowners have peace of mind knowing they do not have to get back up on that ladder. 

Driveway Repair in Ankeny, IA

This homeowner had numerous areas around his driveway that were causing trip hazards. He was worried about the safety of his family coming to visit, and did not want them to fall and hurt themselves. He knew of Thrasher reputation and wanted a professional opinion, so he gave us a call. System Design Specialist, Elliott Christians, came out to meet with him. Elliott did his inspection and found the soil under the slab had washed away, which was causing the concrete to settle. Elliott came back to the homeowner with these findings and a solution. They talked it through and decided we would install Polylevel under the slab to lift, level, and stabilize the concrete and NexusPro to seal the joints. Both of these products are waterproof, so they will help prevent any more washout of soil. The homeowner loved this solution and we sent out our installation team. He is so happy he does not have to worry about anyone falling and getting hurt and happy to have the peace of mind he needed.  

Driveway Repair in Ankeny, IA

This homeowner was tired of the "speed bump" from going into and out of his garage. He had a rough idea of what it would be to replace his full driveway, and he knew he did not want that. He heard of Thrasher and our reputation, and gave us a call. James Denning, System Design Specialist came out to meet with him. As James was surveying the area, the homeowner joked saying "I either have to get the driveway fixed or buy a Jeep!" The concrete was settling due to some washout of the soil under the slab. James talked with the homeowner assuring him we could get this fixed. We used PolyLevel to lift and level the driveway up to the garage, and NexusPro to seal the area. We also installed a compression guard to provide a true buffer between the street and his home. The homeowner loved this solution and noticed the difference of ease getting into his garage right away. We knew he has the peace of mind he needs for his home. 

Waterproofing Foundation Repair in Clive, IA

This homeowner is an owner for his spectacular comic book collection. Some extreme mint condition comic books were stored in the basement. If any of these comic books experienced moisture, or worse mold, they would be ruined. He knew he needed to have a professional out to help combat any moisture issues. He knew of Midwest and our reputation, so he gave us a call. System Design Specialist, Braydon Aker, came out to meet with him. Braydon did his inspection, and found the root of the problem. The issue was coming from the old dehumidifier they had installed. The coils and refrigerant had run out in the machine, which was causing the unit to circulate the moisture in the air instead of dehumidifying properly. To combat this issue, we installed a new Sanidry Sedona. This came with a 5 year warranty, and was a great update to their old dehumidifier. The homeowner was thrilled with the final product and knew he will be stress free storing his comic books in his basement. 

Musty Smell in Basement Repair in Clive, IA

Tela was experiencing a musty smell at the bottom of the stairs, even with having encapsulation installed the smell hadn't been fixed. She knew of Midwest and knew she trusted us with other projects at her home, so she gave us a call. System Design Specialist, Michael Holtzbauer, came out to meet with her. He noticed the size of her home was bigger than the single dehumidifier she had could handle. Since the space was larger than the capacity of this dehumidifier, Michael proposed we install a Sedona Dehumidifier to help the opposite side of the basement, where the problem area is. Tela loved this solution, we got it installed, and we know she does not have to worry about that musty smell again. 

Foundation Cracking Repair in Des Moines, IA

These homeowners had an older home and knew there would be a few things that needed to be taken care of. They fell in love with the home and want this to be their forever home. They had Midwest out for previous projects, so they gave us a call. System Design Specialist, Joseph Rebik, came out to meet with them. Joseph did his inspection and found they had a very large porch that was tied into the home and was settling. This was causing cracks in their dry wall along with cracking in their basement slab and issues with doors and windows. Joseph took these findings and went back to the homeowners with a solution. We fixed this issue by installing push piers on their footings and applying pressure to these piers allow us to lift their home back to have everything level and operational again. The homeowners loved this solution knowing that we were going to get this project done right. There is no doubt they have peace of mind for the health of their home. 

Foundation Wall Repair in Alleman, IA

This homeowner has been in their home for 10 years now and have plans on staying there for a long time. They want to make sure they have the protection they need in their home. They have had Midwest out before for a different project, so they knew we were the company to call for this. System Design Specialist, Joe Rebik, went out to meet with them. Joe did his inspection and found the foundation had a lot of water pressure from the outside causing deflection. To help correct this issue, we installed anchors to be able to work around the waterlines in the joists, as well as straighten the wall out over time. The homeowner loved this solution and has peace of mind knowing their wall is not moving inward anymore. 

Egress Window in Des Moines, IA

This homeowner was looking to finish the bedroom in the basement for her son. They were in need for an egress window for safety and resale value in the home. They knew of Midwest and our reputation, so they gave us a call. System Design Specialist, Michael Holtzbauer, came out to meet with them. After his inspection, he determined there was no issue with the home and went over the options of how we could install the egress for them. The install crew came out and the homeowner was very happy with the work. 

Sinking Stoop in Altoona, IA

This homeowner was experiencing water coming in his basement through his stoop. He was worried about his finished basement getting ruined, and knew he needed a permanent solution. He knew of Midwest and our reputation, and gave us a call after other companies did not show up for him. System Design Specialist, Ashli Anderson, came out to meet with him. Ashli did her inspection and found the stoop and the sidewalk next to the foundation had a negative grade. This was allowing water to pile and enter the home from the sill plate. To fix the issue, we used our PolyLevel to level out the concrete and slope the concrete away from the home. We also used NexusPro to seal the joints and cracks that were in the concrete. The homeowner loved this solution and we know he has peace of mind knowing his basement is protected. 

Play-Doh Drive Support

To support "Maggie's Play-Doh Drive" for Blank Children's Hospital, our team collected and delivered just over 1,500 cans of Play-Doh for children in the hospital to play with. 

Play-Doh Drive Support - Photo 1
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