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Basement Wall Repair in Iowa

With all of the dry weather the ground has released a lot of water and shriveled up.  During this process the soil will pull away from the foundation walls. This will allow movement and settlement of the basement foundation walls. This is an example of cracks in the wall and the wall is bowing. The wall can be braced and stabilized with bracing. In many cases the wall can be straightened back to plumb.

Restoring the floor of a leaky garage

The floor of this garge simply crumbled and cracked during the installation of the waterproofing system.  The original pour of this concrete was horrible.  It was not mixed correctly and was certainly too thin.  We completely removed the floor, waterproofed the garage and restored the floor.

Crawl Space Repair in Iowa

Nasty crawlspaces are becoming an epidemic in the US. Mold, humidity, bugs, and odors come into the main living spaces through the crawl space. With a crawlspace overhaul and repair you can turn a nasty crawlspace into a clean and healthy environment. The encapsulating process can turn an old, smelly crawlspace into a revitalized area of the home and in most cases additional storage as well.

Bowing Foundation Wall Repair in Iowa

Bowing walls and cracked walls are a common problem during dry weather and dry seasons.  The moisture evaporates out of the soil and the soil shrinks up and pulls away from the basement foundation.  This process will allow the foundation to move, shift, settle, bow and crack.  In this case the repair is wall bracing.  Take a look at the clean finish after the repair is complete.

Repair of Uneven Concrete

Take a look and see how a several inch uneven concrete sidewalk is easily lifted into place with PolyLevel Injection.

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