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Flooded Crawl Space Now Dry in Bloomfield, IA

Steve S. was tired of having a musty smell in his basement. Water would be constantly coming into his crawl space, keeping it wet and allowing it to smell. Concerned with other problems this would cause, he decided to give Midwest a call.

The Midwest crew went out to the home and was able to come up with a solution to keep the crawl space dry. Drainage matting was installed on the floor and then the whole space was encapsulated with CleanSpace, a very thick linear to keep water from coming in through the walls and floor. A sump pump was put in to then water could be directed out of the crawl space and a dehumidifier was installed to keep the humidity levels low.

Cracked and Settled Driveway Repaired in Ottumwa, IA

This homeowner was upset with her driveway because the tripping hazards and large cracks on her concrete were an eye sore. She wanted to solve this problem, so after talking to people in the community, she knew that we would be the best people to help her get her driveway back into a good condition. 

We sent System Design Specialist Elliot Christians to inspect the driveway and determine what was causing the problems with her concrete. Elliot found that the homeowner's driveway was suffering because of street creep putting pressure on the concrete and pushing it towards the foundation. As this problem would continue to progress without any solutions, the homeowner knew that she needed to have her driveway fixed quickly, so she scheduled an installation appointment with one of our teams. That installation team used our 2-part Concrete Protection System included PolyLevel foam and NexusPro sealant to lift, level, and seal the driveway. The team also installed Compression Guard to act as a buffer between the street and the driveway to prevent street creep from continuing. 

The homeowner was so happy to have a driveway that she could be proud of again. She even wanted to use our services for waterproofing in the future. Check out her newly restored driveway!

Concrete Lip Lifted in Ottumwa, IA

This homeowner was tired of hitting the joints on the concrete while removing snow in the winter. He wanted his driveway to look nice and be easy to shovel for the coming winter, so he decided to give us a call regarding his concrete.

We sent System Design Specialist Luke Miller to inspect the concrete joints an determine where we could help to smooth the concrete. Luke noticed that a couple sections of the driveway had settled slightly, causing a lip that would catch a snow blower or shovel, and also cause a tripping hazard down the road. After discussing this issue with the homeowner, they went ahead and scheduled an installation appointment to get the homeowner's concrete fixed. One of our concrete installation teams came to this home and lifted the settled slabs using PolyLevel foam. The team was able to bring the concrete back to its original location and keep it stabilized. Next, our team sealed the cracks and joints of the concrete using NexusPro sealant to ensure that the driveway looked nice, and to also prevent water or any other material from getting caught in the concrete's joints and cracks. 

The homeowner was very excited with the way that his concrete turned out and he really liked to see it level again. Check out this homeowner's newly leveled concrete!

Basement Waterproofing in Ottumwa, IA

This homeowner wanted to have a dry basement because it was getting harder and harder for him to keep mopping up all of the water. He wanted this problem solved by experts in basement waterproofing, so he gave us a call. We sent System Design Specialist Luke Miller to inspect the basement and determine what was causing water to get into the basement as well as design a comprehensive solution to keep water out. Luke found that the floor/wall join around the perimeter of the basement was leaking water onto the floor as well as through some cracks in the floor itself. Upon seeing this, he knew that full perimeter solution was needed as well as a lateral line to capture water that was seeping in through the floor cracks, so he called for an installation team as per the homeowner's request. One of our installation teams utilized a full perimeter WaterGuard Interior Drainage System as well as a partial height CleanSpace Vapor Barrier. After that, they  installed a lateral line to capture water that was coming through the middle of the floor before it could get into the basement. They topped it off by installing a TripleSafe Sump Pump System to push all of this water up and away from the basement. The homeowner was very pleased with the end result and he thought that his installation looked very clean. Check out the new waterproofing systems this homeowner has!

Sump pump install in Summer, IA

The homeowner noticed water in their basement. They wanted to get it fixed so that they could one day pass their house down to their son. We used WaterGaurd, CleanSpace, our sump pump, and a discharge line to waterproof their basement. Now they can put in an additional bedroom in the basement and not worry about water damage for the next generation. 


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