Midwest Foundation Repair Q&A

Can I Fix Foundation Problems On My Own?

We know there are plenty of creative and talented minds out there. We also know any big-box store can ship quick fix products right to your doorstep within days. Though this might seem like the easiest solution now, it may not be the best option in the long run. Painting over cracks in your wall or trying to repour your own concrete is really only a band-aid fix on top of a bigger issue. Midwest helps homeowners protect their largest investment by offering permanent solutions with warranties we stand behind. Call us today to get scheduled with a no-obligation inspection and quote.  

Do Mice Get in Crawl Spaces?

Yes, mice can get into crawl spaces when the conditions are ideal for them. Mice are drawn to dark and moist places, making crawl spaces a perfect spot for them to make their nests. Call Midwest Foundation Repair to set up a time for our team to conduct a complete in-home inspection, professional consultation, and free crawl space quote that details the prefect solution to prevent this.

Does Midwest Do Mudjacking?

Out with the old and in with the new! From past experience, we have found traditional mudjacking is not the best, permanent solution for concrete concerns.

When concrete slabs start to sink, it is usually caused by washout. Washout happens when water gets through the joints, between concrete slabs and washes the dirt and mud out from underneath. This leaves the slabs with little to no support for the slab to sit. With the older mudjacking option, filling the void back in with mud can cause washout to happen again in the future, and in most cases the near future.

Here at Midwest we provide a fast and reliable way to lift and stabilize sinking and cracked concrete with PolyLevel.  PolyLevel is a lightweight but durable, high-density polyurethane foam. PolyLevel is injected under the slabs of concrete as a foam, and it expands in the matter of minutes to lift and support the slabs. Unlike the traditional mudjacking option, PolyLevel is waterproof, which means it won't washout or dry out. The best part is PolyLevel is environmentally friendly, so no worrying of harmful chemicals leaching. 

You can find out more information about our Concrete Leveling Repairs under our "Concrete Lifting and Leveling" section under the "Services" tab or by calling 515-289-1606. 

How Do People Fix Foundations?

When it comes to fixing foundations, each home is unique and will have its own custom solution. Midwest offers a multitude of solutions that can stabilize even the worst failing foundation walls. We offer patented systems such as; EverBrace Wall Restoration System, PowerBrace Foundation Brace, GeoLock Foundation Wall Anchor System, Carbon Fiber Foundation Wall Straps, and more! You can find more information about these products under our "Foundation Repair Products" under the "Services" tab. If you are having concerns with your foundation, you can call in at 515-289-1606 to set up a time for one of our System Design Specialists to do a thorough in-home inspection and free foundation quote that details the perfect solution to the concerns of you and your home.

My House is a New Build. Why Do I Have A Wet Basement?

The most common way builders waterproof a basement is with a spray-on sealant. This can be damaged when the contactor backfills soils and the house moves or shifts. Any exterior drain tile that may have been installed can become silted, closed, or even damage by this as well. If you are seeing any amount of water in the home, whether it is a couple drops to a pool of water, call Midwest to get an inspection set up. We will send out a expert to find where the source of water is coming from and provide you a permanent solution to keep your basement dry. 

What To Do When Your Foundation Needs Repaired?

The best thing you can do is call Midwest Foundation Repair and set up a free inspection and same day quote. Foundation issues do not fix themselves or get better over time. These inspection are at no cost to you, and you can get a better idea of the condition of your home. Call 515-289-1606 to get scheduled today.

What Type of Warranty is Offered and is it Transferrable?

Midwest offers industry-leading and fully transferable warranties and guarantees. Almost all of our foundation repairs, basement waterproofing, and crawl space systems are covered by a 25-year warranty. The warranty is attached to the home, making it easily transferable to the new owner, or any future owners that buy your home! 

Who Do I Call About A Leak In My Basement?

You can call Midwest at 515-289-1606. Midwest Foundation Repair services Des Moines, Ames, and All Central Iowa and has for over 20 years. We will set you up with a free inspection and quote in hand the same day! Check out our "Service Area" tab to see if we service your area. You can call us at 515-289-1606 or fill out a contact form on our website to set up a free inspection and same day quote. If your property is not located in the list, please visit the Basement Systems National Headquarters website and fill out the contact form.

Why Are My Walls Bowing In?

Bowing basements walls are typically a results of moisture in loose or expansive soil. This tends to cause cracking in the mortar joints between the blocks. This can cause a plethora of other issues, causing unhealthy home conditions. Overtime, it can also cause total wall failure and collapse. If you are experiencing bowing or cracking walls, give Midwest a call for a no-obligation inspection.

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