Work Requests in Pella

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Learn more about Midwest Foundation Repair's recent work requests in Pella, IA
Vicinity of Park Lane in Pella
Crack in basement wall from top to bottom. Only leaks with rain of 1/2" or more.
Vicinity of in Pella
Vicinity of in Pella
Basement is leaking in one corner
Vicinity of in Pella
Basement is leaking in one corner
Vicinity of Neil Dr in Pella
House (built 1996) has poured foundation that apparently letting in water in the south west side if house. Major rains cause carpet to become wet, light rains do not seem to not let water in. Room with leak is not completely underground, only the wall with leak is underground.
Vicinity of Main St in Pella
Walls wet near light switch. Have had issues with water in the basement in big storms in the past. Want to investigate the cost to waterproof our basement
Vicinity of Cedar Dr in Pella
Need quote on mud jacking in our family toom
Vicinity of in Pella
Foundation crack
Vicinity of in Pella
I would like an quote for lifting the 38' slab in front of a 3 car garage that has settled approximately 1.5".
Vicinity of Lincoln in Pella
The west wall is bowed in a couple of inches.
Vicinity of Bos Landen Dr in Pella
Leak in basement that needs attention. Please call
Vicinity of Delft Drive in Pella
Block wall horizontal and some vertical cracks.
Vicinity of in Pella
I would like to schedule a quote to get our basement walls braced. The walls are bowing and cracking and more water is coming in with the rain now. The house was built in 1920, it is an unfinished basement with clay tile walls. We would eventually like to re-do the basement, but we may need to brace them up until we can save up for that project.
Vicinity of Franklin St in Pella
Uneven basement floor and moisture issues.
Vicinity of Hazel Street in Pella
Driveway has sunk 8-10 inches over the past few years, making it hard to get int my garage. Slab is about 24 foot wide and the drive way is slopes up to the driveway. Trying to compare the cost of your lift system or replacing
Vicinity of Jackson St in Pella
Crack in basement foundation and wall is starting to lean inward
Vicinity of in Pella
We have a sinking driveway and sidewalk. We would like the driveway to be level with the roadway and garage slab.
Vicinity of in Pella
I have a slightly bowing basement wall, and would like an estimate on repair. Thanks!
Vicinity of Drenthe Laan in Pella
Sidewalk needs leveling
Vicinity of Broadway Street in Pella
I have some damp areas in my basement. Just exploring what could be done.
Vicinity of in Pella
We have a fairly new cement patio in the back and there is an area where the soil has eroded underneath it. We would like to see if there is a way this could be fixed by you and what the cost would be. Also - a piece of our driveway has visible erosion under it.
Vicinity of Neil Drive in Pella
Need a free estimate of repair for cement slab in front of house leading into the front door. Rain water has made the approx. 8X8 slab drop approx. 4" on one corner, making the opposite corner rise & crack the sidewalk its attached to. The part that is raised is also supporting part of the roof. Thanks
Vicinity of S Clark St in Pella
Looking to raise a manufactured home with pier foundation and do total encapsulation to the underneath.
Vicinity of Central Drive in Pella
We have a nasty smell in the crawl space and the odor is finding its way to the house through the duct vents.
Vicinity of Liberty Street in Pella
I need to get a quote for leveling my sidewalk that goes from the house to the garage. Please email me and not call.
Vicinity of Independence St in Pella
I have a basement that is moving on the NW corner. It was much worse in the winter than it is currently but would like to have someone look at it to give me some ideas and costs. My basement is made of a red, hollow brick. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Pella
Wet basement
Vicinity of Morningside Dr in Pella
Bowed block foundation. No water issues.
Vicinity of Morningside Drive in Pella
Cracked basement walls and some water issues
Vicinity of Boone Street in Pella
The very north wall of our foundation has several cracks floor to ceiling. We were wondering what it would take to fix the issue. It is a clay brick type foundation. Thanks.
Vicinity of in Pella
Foundation repair. Bowing wall. Call after 3 pm
Vicinity of Amsterdam Dr in Pella
Frost footings on our garage are settling. Looks like it has dropped about 1.5".
Vicinity of Columbus St in Pella
House is a 1939 brick. Water comes in north side of basement. Land slopes to south, but basement continues to get wet. We assume the old clay tile foundation tile has failed. Please come give us an estimate. We plan to have this fixed ASAP. Certainly want to start tomorrow.
Vicinity of Brabant Laan in Pella
Wet, damp basement. Need to find source and solution.
Vicinity of in Pella
Humid basement. Wooden basement walls.
Vicinity of Independence St. in Pella
I have a bowed basement wall, saging foundation, and some moisture.
Vicinity of Meadow Crest Dr in Pella
The basement wall facing the street leaks water in numerous places during heavy rains or during extended periods of rain and water puddles develop. It is a six year old house with an unfinished basement. I would like to set up a time to get an repair estimate and get warranty information.
Vicinity of Washington St in Pella
Just bought house in November and would like to get basement in totally dry and finished.
Vicinity of Columbus St. in Pella
Water seeping from wall in basement
Vicinity of Brentwood Dr. in Pella
We are having vertical cracks in our foundation and are wondering what we need to do. We are also curious about waterproofing our basement.
Vicinity of in Pella
Need estimate to address a small seepage in one 14' wall in our basement. Would also want a crawl space estimate. Thanks
Vicinity of in Pella
I would like to have someone come and take a look at our basement and discuss the options and cost associated with fixing our water issues. Thank you!
Vicinity of Amsterdam Dr. in Pella
After extremely hard rains we get water in our basement. Water is only in about 1/3 of the basement... the remaining 2/3rds is always dry. I am interested in knowing what is causing this and what it would take to fix it.

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