3 Steps to a Healthy, Clean Crawl Space

Many homes have crawl spaces beneath them. Often, this space is forgotten and neglected. Until there is a problem of course, which can then lead to very expensive repairs from a cost point of view, but if left unchecked, there are health risks for you and your family. Particularly if you do not have a dry and clean crawl space. Read on to find out exactly what the 3 steps are to ensure that your crawl space is clean, and the air quality improved for you and your loved ones. 


Step 1: Isolate the home from the wet ground

Even if you think your crawlspace is dry, the dirt below the surface is always moist. After all, rainwater doesn’t just disappear when it hits the ground. The moist earth will seep water vapor into the air. This will ruin fiberglass insulation and can lead to wood rot and mold. If this is not addressed, a clean crawl space will remain out of reach.

Crawl space not cleaned

This is what a crawl space could look like before it has been cleaned out, that poses health risks to all those who live in this home.

The best way to isolate the ground from the house is to install a quality vapor barrier, such as CleanSpace. CleanSpace is super thick and durable so you won’t need to worry about tearing. Once your crawl space is encapsulated you will notice it is easier to maintain heat and cold, as well as, a reduction to elimination of smells and odors. You are now one step closer to healthier and clean crawl space for your home.

Clean crawl space under a home

A clean crawl space is a space that no longer poses any health risks to all those that live in the home, and is easier to access if this is needed.

Step 2: Seal off the outside air leaks

Major air leaks like an old metal crawlspace door or leaky foundation vents are an excellent way for humid air to penetrate your crawlspace. The old way of doing things was to open the vents in the summer to let warm air circulate. The problem is that warm summer air is oftentimes very humid. Leaving the vents open is no different than blowing humid air into your crawlspace for several months in a row. The best way to stop these leaks is to block and seal the foundation vents. Wet air cannot ruin your crawlspace if it has no way to get in. In addition, by sealing the crawl space you will effectively keep out the insects and critters trying to take up residence in your crawlspace, allowing you to keep an even cleaner crawl space in the future.

Step 3: Dry the existing air

Clean crawl space with sump pump

A clean crawl space with a dehumidifier installed to dry and circulate the remaining air. This will leave you with a clean, healthy and dry crawl space beneath your home.

The crawlspace can never be sealed 100%, so you will need to address the issue of the existing air and the small unseen leaks. By installing a crawl space dehumidifier it can dry the remaining air in the crawl space. We offer the SaniDry CX. This crawl space dehumidifier dries the air, sucks out small particles like mold, and then circulates the dry air with a massive fan. It is also extremely energy efficient and will work better than department store dehumidifiers.

The end result...

a dry, healthy, and clean crawl space!

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