WaterGuard: Waterproofing Your Basement the Right Way

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WaterGuard Drainage System

WaterGuard is a specifically designed drainage system that is installed from the inside of your home. It can usually be installed in a couple of days, even if you have a finished basement! The WaterGuard system is superior to other drainage systems in several ways. Its effectiveness is based on its installation on top of the footing instead of alongside it. This matters because if the pipe is installed along side of the footing, it will quickly clog with dirt. The WaterGuard system is more difficult for mud to enter, as it is not sitting in the dirt.

Requirements of a good interior drainage systems:

  • A built-in 3/8-inch gap between the floor and the wall to drain wall leaks
  • Does not rely on filter fabric
  • Has a big drain outlet to the sump
  • Does not cause structural damage to the foundation

WaterGuard meets all of these requirements. It's a sub-floor system an experienced installer can make various modifications to in case of unusual foundation situations.

Importance of a Wall Flange

WaterGuard Waterproofing Your Basement the Right Way - Image 2

One of the most important features of a waterproofing system is that is must have an opening to accept water from the walls. The gap between the wall and the WaterGuard, known as the wall flange, is important in preventing any future wall leaks and has to be at least 3/8-inch to accept water and prevent flooding.

Doorways and Stairways to the Outside

If you have any doorways or stairways leading out to the outside you will want to have a trench drain installed in front of them. A trench drain is a half round pipe with a grate on top of it. It is flush with, or slightly below, the floor to catch any water that may enter from the outside. This will protect you against leakage from a hatchway door, a sliding door, or even a garage door.

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