Winter Could Mean Frozen Discharge Lines For Your Home

Winter Could Mean Frozen Discharge Lines For Your Home - Image 1

With the beautiful weather coming to an end, the freezing temperatures and snow are just around the corner.  Snow piles up each time it snows and by the time it melts, you could have water from multiple snows melting at the same time. This means that excessive amounts of water will soak the soil around your foundation and put pressure on your foundation walls.

In these kind of scenarios your WaterGuard drainage system and sump pump will be doing a lot of work. Your sump pump will pump the water out of the basement and away from your house through a pipe.  This pipe runs under the ground surface in a shallow trench. 
A problem can arise as the water in the pipe outlet can block with snow and ice causing the whole pipe to fill with water and freeze. This means that even though your sump pump is working, it has no way of getting the water out, causing your basement to flood.  

Thankfully, Midwest Basement Systems has a solution: The IceGuard system. This is a specially designed fitting that automatically ejects water away from the foundation in the event that the pipe freezes.  

This solution will assure that your basement will remain dry all year round, regardless of the weather.

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