Facts and Benefits of Waterguard

People are wondering what is so special about waterguard and what are the benefits of it. There are many facts about watergaurd. It is inorganic plastic which will not rust or rot through the years you have it. Another fact about waterguard is that it is designed to be on top of the footing which will not let the waterguard clog. There will ne not distrubing dirt near the footing. There is not risk of foundation disruption. It also captures more water at the intrusion point. Another fact of waterguard is there are multiple holes on one side of the device. The benefit of this is that water will flow better. 

There are different types of waterguards which include waterguard IOS and waterguard ports. These both have facts and benefits to each of them that are very similar to what waterguard is. Waterguard IOS is oversized and moer holes than a regular sized waterguard has. Waterguard ports are access points in the system which makes it easier to clean. 

If you have water in your basement or before you have water in your basement waterguard is something you should think about. Waterguard will protect your basement and will help your home in the future. If you have water in your basement you should install waterguard now because this will prevent the problem getting worse. 

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