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Monday, June 14th, 2021 by Harrison Hallowell

Wet Basement


Just like that, winter is long behind us and the warmer seasons approach. A lot happens to our environment with the transitions in seasons: ice thawing, snow melting, spring rains soaking, summer sun baking, and us in the Des Moines, IA are no strangers to humidity. The changes in our climate can have significant impacts on our homes -- especially the basement. If you’re familiar with the term “wet basement”, you know it doesn’t have a positive meaning. They’re the cause of those musty smells or the frustrating humidity levels in the basement. Truth is, they are so much more harmful than we often think. Wet basements can trigger dangerous mold growth, expensive foundation repairs, and property damage, all of which decrease the value of your home. One could even say that wet basements could affect our physical health and emotional well-being, seriously.


Now, this can happen from a variety of reasons so it’s important to be aware of the causes. One of the most common is “hydrostatic pressure” which is a fancy term for water in the soil putting constant pressure on the foundation of the home. This could potentially crack the walls and allow water to breach through because it follows the path of least resistance. Another possibility is that the downspouts of the home aren’t directing water away in the right direction or far enough away from the home. This would allow the water to pool and rest up against the foundation of the home every time the snow melts or we get a good rain. The “clay bowl” effect is also a possibility that we often see. When it rains, the water soaks into the looser soil that was backfilled after building the foundation. This soil is much more porous and absorbent than the compact dirt around it.


You must be wondering, what is the quickest and most effective solution? Well, I’m here to tell you that basement waterproofing is crucial to repairing a wet basement or preventing a future one.


Basement finished with CleanSpace and WaterGuardAt Midwest Foundation Repair, we provide multiple solutions for basement waterproofing in the Des Moines, IA area that can be utilized together, or as individual services. The reason why we have multiple solutions is because each cause might require a different solution. Water seeping through walls might require foundation repair and a drainage system, while excessive humidity can be solved with our SaniDry dehumidifier. Anyway, I’m not here to bore you with a brochure of our products, but we take wet basements seriously and we are dedicated to providing a permanent solution. Paired with our customer service, our innovative and cutting-edge products continue to help us redefine our industry and protect a homeowner’s greatest investment. If you have even the slightest concern about your basement, don’t hesitate to call 1-515-289-1606 and schedule your free inspection.

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