Crawl Space Jacks Are the Ultimate Crawl Space Support System

Smart Jacks in Foundation of Home

Did you know crawl spaces are built directly beneath your home? This space is essential to your home’s structure and overall health. They bear the weight of foundation walls with crawl space support columns. But many of these spaces are designed poorly and the support posts are unable to ear the weight of your home.  Let’s break down the signs and solutions of when your home may need crawl space jacks 

The Sign that Crawl Space Jacks are Needed

Slopping Floors with LevelerBasement floors directly above a crawl space most commonly sag or slope. This happens because of high humidity and is caused by having the space unsealed and open to the outside. The high humidity causes the beams or floor joist to rot or decay and become weak, not supporting the floor fully  

Crawl Space Problems: Crawl Space SmartJacks

Now that we have identified the sign that your crawl space needs for support, let’s break down the solution. Midwest Foundation Repair stabilizes and supports crawl spaces with SmartJacks. These are adjustable supplemental support systems used for sagging floors and failing crawl spaces.

Benefits of Installing Crawl Space SmartJacks

  • Crawl Space SmartJacks are made from galvanized steel and are rust and corrosion resistant
  • Installation is year-round and can be implemented in about a day. 
  • Crawl Space Smart Jacks can be installed in even the tighest of crawl spaces. 
  • Crawl Sapce SmartJacks not only prevent the floor from sagging, but also lifts it back up, providing support to sagging floors. Smart Jacks in crawl space

At Midwest Foundation Repair, we provide solutions for your crawl space in the Des Moines, IA area that can be utilized together, or as individual services. Crawl Space Jacks are vital to your crawl space and the foundation of your homeCrawl Space SmartJacks will provide your foundation with the stability and peace of mind. Learn more about our services by calling 1-515-289-1606 or schedule your free inspection 


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