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Concrete Repair in Cedar Falls, IA

Kyle kept tripping on his walkway and driveway. Plus running a snowplow over settled concrete was the worst. So he contacted Midwest and liked our solution. Todd King, our System Design Specialist, went out to Kyle's home to see how we could help. 

A few of Kyle's slabs had a lot of voids underneath the concrete, which is what made them sink. His sidewalk was also experiencing settled slabs due to the soil around it. 

To fix this, we used our Concrete Protection System 3. This involves lifting the areas that had fallen with PolyLevel, sealing all the joints and cracks with NexusPro, and then we applied SealantPro to the entire area to prolong the concrete's life and keep water and chemicals from penetrating the concrete.

Kyle was so happy with the final result and best of all, no more tripping hazards!

Walls Caving and Water Damage in Cedar Falls, IA

These homeowners could not use their basement due to the walls caving in and water consistently flooding their home. Concerned, they called our team. Our team fixed this by creating a water-tight seal around the basement walls and installing power braces to the walls to repair the previous damage. The homeowners are thrilled that they can now use their basement without issues. The image above demonstrates the caving walls and water damage in the basement before we started to solve this issue. The after photo shows our power braces that give the walls the structural integrity they were missing, in addition to the waterproof barrier that was installed to prevent further water from causing damage.  

Waterproofing Walls in Cedar Falls, IA

This homeowner was getting water into his basement again and didn't want it to ruin his furniture or storage area. He had waterproofing done before, but wanted his remaining areas of his basement waterproofed. He called Midwest and System Design Specialist, Elliot Christians, came out to meet with them. After an inspection, Elliot proposed we use a full height of CleanSpace and WaterGuard around the perimeter of the basement. CleanSpace is used as a barrier between the wall and basement. It is a very sturdy tarp like material that is very hard to tear. If water comes through the walls through cracks or joints, it will trickle down the CleanSpace and into the WaterGuard. WaterGuard is our drainage system that will then flow the water into the sump pump and out of the home at a safe distance. Great thing about interior waterproofing is when any water finds its way in, it redirects it back out of the home, so you can still have a fully finished basement! Check out the before and after photos of this project! 

Waterproofing in Reinbeck, IA

This basement had multiple areas that were getting water and had horizontal cracks on multiple walls. 

We stabilized their walls with CarbonArmor and waterproofed their basement with WaterGuard, CleanSpace, and a TripleSafe sump system. 

The customers have lived in the home a long time and it’s a beautiful house. The customers just reached a point they wanted to get the basement in better condition. 

Poly Wells and Covers in Reinbeck, IA

This homeowner wanted to maintain her property value and make improvements to the home now, so that she wouldn't need to worry in the future. She has used our solutions and service in the past for many of her home repairs, so she decided to give us another call.

We sent Service Technician Brandon Rost to determine what we could help this homeowner with. The homeowner wanted to protect her basement windows in case of water leaks into the windows, so she had Brandon inspect the windows for solutions. Brandon found that there was no protection for the basement windows, and water would indeed begin to leak if they were not protected properly. Brandon installed Poly Wells with Covers to her basement windows to prevent water from getting through the windows.

The homeowner was happy with the results and she thought that they looked good! Check out her new Poly Wells with Covers!

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