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Sagging and Bouncing Floors Fixed

When our team walked into this home through the front door, there was an obvious bounce in the floor. Upon investigation, the floor was being held up by telephone poles that were cut to fit but they were not strong enough to hold keep holding the home up. Also, the floor was not level. The homeowner was concerned about the bounce and the ability of the floor to withstand weight since it was not supported very well. We fixed the problem by adding SmartJacks to the crawlspace to hold up the floor. There are 2 supplemental beams that run the length of the house. We added 5 Smartjacks to the front of the home and 5 more SmartJacks to the back of the home. We also added a supplemental beam in-between the existing cinderblock supports to finish supporting the house/floor from sagging and bouncing.  


Concrete Repair Before it Gets Worse in Cedar Falls, IA

Our customer had tripping issues in his walkway. A few slabs were sinking down in the driveway and he also had a lot of voids under the concrete.  He didn't want to let the problem get worse because he planned to live there for another 10-15 years. To fix this, we used the Polylevel to fill the voids under the concrete and lift it to its original position. We also sealed all of the joints and cracks to prevent issues like this in the future.

Basement Wall Failure in Marshalltown, IA

This homeowner called us to address their basement wall because It seemed to be bending inward. When we inspected the wall we saw that it was in stage 2 wall failure. To fix this, we installed wall anchors because the customer couldn't use PowerBraces due to the stairs being very close to the wall. 

Pre-1920's Home Foundation Repair in Waterloo, IA

Our customer is a firm believer in leaving a home in a better place than what she found it in. She takes a lot of pride in her home! We noticed that in the basement the main beam was sagging aggressively towards the middle of the home. The home is pre-1920 and needed additional support throughout the whole main beam. In order to fix the problem, we presented the SmartJack XT to our customer. We explained to her that this is a long-term solution that will create instant results for her home.


Concrete Step Repair in Indianola, IA

Water was getting under the stoop due to a gap in the concrete and there is a tripping hazard on the sidewalk leading to the stoop. This customer knew If water continued to seep under the stoop, it could lead to more settling problems with the stoop and nearby concrete. To fix these issues for our customer, we usedPolylevel and NexusPro. These helped us seal the gaps and lift the concrete to its original position, 





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