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Foundation Support in Oskaloosa, IA

Our EverBrace wall restoration system is a less disruptive alternative to total foundation replacement. EverBrace uses steel corrugated panels and beams that work together to stabilize your foundation walls.  This basement now has the support needed for years to come! 

Crawl Space Gets A Complete Makeover in Hudson, IA

High humidity, standing water, and sagging floors. These are the symptoms a homeowner in Hudson, Iowa reported to Midwest Foundation Repair when he sought to our help. The issues all stemmed from the crawl space. 

The crawl space was made of clay so water could not properly drain on its own. This water led to the building humidity and excess moisture, which led to rotting support jacks underneath the floors, which eventually led to the sagging floors in the home. 

The production team installed a sump pump to drain the standing water, then installed drain matting and CleanSpace barrier to reduce moisture buildup, and new rim joists to stabilize where the floors had started to sag. This extreme renovation not only helped to solve the homeowner's problems but also prevents the leaks from reoccurring in the future. This is how we help restore our customers' peace of mind!

Basement Waterproofing in Hudson, IA

This homeowner was struggling with moisture coming through her foundation walls in her basement. She knew that the longer this problem continued, the more problems it would cause to her home, so she decided to give us a call due to our different waterproofing and encapsulation solutions.

We sent System Design Specialist James Denning to inspect the basement walls and determine what had been causing the moisture to leak through the foundation, as well as suggest a comprehensive solution to solve this homeowner's moisture problem. James found that moisture was coming through the walls due to no proper system to control the moisture or air quality in the basement. After discovering this, James suggested the solutions of encapsulation to prevent moisture from getting in the basement, and the homeowner loved the idea. We sent one of our installation teams to install WaterGuard Interior Drainage System and CleanSpace Vapor Barrier all around the basement to effectively encapsulate and properly drain any water that could be in the basement.

The homeowner was very happy to know that she could finish the basement without worrying about moisture problems on her walls. Check our the newly waterproofed and encapsulated basement!

Wall Support Install in Des Moines

Wall support we recently installed in a home with a failing wall! 

Wall Support System in Cedar Falls

A leaning or bowing foundation wall doesn't mean the end of the world. Wall support systems, like the one above, transfer the weight of your home to the steel beams and helps permanently stabilize your home.

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