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Driveway Crack Repair and Prevention in Des Moines, IA

This customer hated the way her driveway looked and she didn't want it to get worse. We noted her concrete was cracking due to street creep. To address this issue, we used polylevel foam to lift the driveway back into its proper position and applied nexus pro to fill and seal the cracks. To prevent future damage from street creep, we added Compression Guard to the driveway. This will help ensure that the driveway remains level and crack-free for years to come.

Concrete Tripping Hazard Fixed in Des Moines, IA

This homeowner noticed her concrete sidewalk had cracked and settled. This caused an uneven sidewalk and a trip hazard leading up to her door and mailbox. She was very concerned about her or someone else tripping and getting hurt. It was first priority on her list of things to get done. We used polylevel foam to raise the sidewalk and make it an even walking surface. We then sealed the cracks and control joints with nexus pro to further protect the concrete. 

Concrete Lift and Level in Marshalltown, IA

This homeowner wanted to level and seal up all of his concrete. There was settlement occurring because water was washing out the soil underneath it. We lifted and leveled all of the concrete with PolyLevel polyurethane expanding foam. We then sealed the joints with NexusProo and sprayed all the slabs with SealantPro. 

Sidewalk Lift in Ames, IA

This homeowner was concerned about the sections in her concrete sidewalk that have settled. We injected PolyLevel foam under the sunken area to lift them back to their original height. We then caulked all the joints and cracks with NexusPro. 

Trip Hazard Elimination

This homeowner was concerned about her cracked concrete because it was a tripping hazard. Using PolyLevel expanding foam we were able to lift and level the settled areas of the concrete. Now this sidewalk is no longer a tripping hazard. 

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