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Walkway Repair in Oskaloosa, IA

This homeowner had a large void in his walkway, allowing his concrete to sink. This made it difficult for his family and visitors to use the front entrance, worrying they would trip. He called Midwest for a free inspection to see how we could help. After inspecting it, we reviewed how we could raise his concrete back into place. With Polylevel, our expanding foam, we lifted the slab back into place and ensured no more dirt will be washed away from under the slab. Nexuspro is our caulking and was installed between the cracks and joints to prevent any more water damage under the slab. We were able to get the slab all the way level and back to safe and daily use! 

New Gutters in Crystal Lake, IA

Having gutters is very important for keeping rainwater away from your home's foundation. Having reliable gutters is even more important for keeping your home safe. The gutters you see here were full of leaves and falling off the home. They even had trees growing out of them. There were no covers, making it the perfect place for leaves to land. Our team got out there and replaced these gutters with our seamless, clog-free Gutter Shutter system. Seamless gutters don't have gaps or unalignment like other gutters, protecting your foundation all the way around. Take a look at this before and after! 

Foundation Repair in Des Moines, IA

Take a look at the before and after of this homeowner's basement wall. There was some movement of the wall, leaning in and allowing water in. To fix the issue, Midwest came out to install our waterproof encapsulation, Cleanspace, and Power Braces to keep the water out of the basement and straighten the wall back out over time. 

Driveway Repair in Norwalk, IA

These customers were worried about their two small children tripping in their driveway and wanted to be able to play tennis there safely. We used polylevel foam to lift and level the affected parts of the driveway. Then, we fixed all cracks with our Nexus Pro and sealed the control joints with Nexus Pro too. Finally, we power-washed the driveway and applied our Sealant Pro for extra protection.

Driveway Crack Repair and Prevention in Des Moines, IA

This customer hated the way her driveway looked and she didn't want it to get worse. We noted her concrete was cracking due to street creep. To address this issue, we used polylevel foam to lift the driveway back into its proper position and applied nexus pro to fill and seal the cracks. To prevent future damage from street creep, we added Compression Guard to the driveway. This will help ensure that the driveway remains level and crack-free for years to come.

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